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Bigots And Anti-Semites

Bigots And Anti-Semites
Very often today, the term "Anti-semite" and "Bigot" (among others) are used to describe a person who exposes the jews; or those who refuse to bow down to jewish demands. More specifically, the Talmudic and zionist jews. The Talmud is a collection of jewish "holy" books. It consists of 66 separate books normally bound together in 18 volumes. They are among some of the world's most vile, anti-Christian, anti-gentile (non-jew), sexually perverted writings ever written. A jew need not be "religious" to fall under the teachings of the Talmud. All rabbis must be trained in the teachings of the Talmud in order to become a rabbi. Therefore, anyone living in a jewish community, under the control of a rabbi (which is most all of them), or one who seeks the counsel of a rabbi, is under Talmudic rule.

A zionist is a person who gives his allegiance to the Bastard State of Israel, over that of his country of residence. They support continued funding of the parasite nation, and their continuing occupation of Palestinian homelands. Many jews are zionists, but there are also many goyim (Yiddish, meaning non-jewish "animals") or gentiles whom are also ardent zionists.

Dare to speak anything against the jews; their beliefs; their propaganda (such as the 6 million "holo-hoax" lie; the jewish control of most all forms of media; as well as the ownership and control of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banks, or simply refuse to denounce someone who has been labeled an Anti-Semite or Bigot, and you too can have the honor and distinction of being labeled with those very same titles. Someone once said the the term "anti-semite" was reserved for those who hate the jews; Today it has become a label for those whom the jews hate.


What exactly is an anti-semite? Well, simply enough, the prefix "anti" is taken for the Greek and means, against or hostile. The term "semite", unlike what most people are led to believe, does not mean jewish. In fact, the vast majority of jewish people are not semitic at all, but are instead, descendents of a large Mongolian-Turkish tribe called the Khazars. Their territory was in the southern part of Russia and was called Khazaria. During what is now referred to as the Dark Ages, around A.D. 740, the Khazar King or Khagan, whose name was Bulaban; when confronted with the prospects of having his kingdom forcibly converted to Christianity, through the Roman Emperor at Constantinople, or to Islam through the Caliph of Bagdad, chose instead to have his royal court and himself circumcised and converted to Judaism. Later, the rest of his kingdom was likewise converted. Soon thereafter, Ghenghis Khan defeated Khazaria, and it's people were scattered into what is now known as Poland and Southern Russia. From there, in time, they dispersed throughout the rest of Europe and the World. It is now known that as much as 90% of those calling themselves "jews", especially the Ashkenazi or European jews, are descended from these people, and therefore have no blood connection to the Hebrew Israelites of the Bible, thus, nor do they hold any legitimate claim to the land of Palestine.

Many "jewish" names today can be traced back to their Khazar origins. Take for instance, the title of Kagan (King). We find today that Soviet leader Stalin, although not known to be a jew himself, was married to the sister of Lazar Kaganovitch, a jewess named Rose. Later, Khrusckev, who it turns out was a protege of this same jew, married another jewess in the Kaganovitch family.

As described in Webster's 1983 New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, the term "Semite" or "Shemite" is derived from the low Latin and Greek word "Sem", which is the same as "Shem": the eldest of Noah's three sons. We can find this name Sem used in the Bible in Luke 3:36. The names Semite and Shemite mean: "a member of any of the peoples whose language is semitic, including the Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, etc., NOT, Specifically, a jew." [ emphasis added ]. Under the word "Semitic", the same dictionary reads: "designation or of a major group of languages of Southwestern Asia and Northern Africa; related to the Hametic languages and divided into East Semitic (Akkadian), North West Semitic (Phoenician, Punic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, etc.) and South West Semitic (Arabic, Ethiopic, Ambaric)."

Therefore, in order for a person to be "ANTI-SEMITIC", he or she would have to be against or hostile to all Semitic people, including Arabs, Palestinians, Egyptians, and even the Ethiopians. The truth be told, the policies of those (falsely) calling themselves "THE CHOSEN RACE", against the Palestinians and Arabs, etc., are more Anti-Semitic than most of us could ever be.


As for the term "Bigot", it is used today to describe a person who is intolerant and narrow minded. According to Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 1946, the word "Bigot" is a corruption of two words- "By God" or "Bei Gott" (Modern German) and has an interesting origin.

It was during the reign of King Charles I (A.D. 742-814), better known as Charles the Great or Charlemagne, when he ruled the French Empire, that he ordered his Dukes and various other subjects to kiss his foot as an act of loyalty. Rollo, Duke of Normandy, when ordered to kiss the foot of King Charles, said: "Ne se, Bi Gott", which means, NO SIRE, BY GOD, in the French language of the day. You see, the situation then is really no different than now or in many other times throughout history, when a nation's leader requested approval from his subjects, royalty, and other backers before he led the nation and its armies off into war. In most all cases, the reason for these wars was for the purpose of extracting booty, money and other resources from the defeated nations, in order that the leader could pay off his debt to the jewish money lenders.

Duke Rollo refused to support any phony war which would lead to the filling of jewish money houses, at the expense of thousands of innocent lives and the destruction of property. King Charles' jewish advisors and banker friends resented Duke Rollo's disloyalty to the King (actually to the jewish bankers themselves) and his being "POLITICALLY INCORRECT"; so the jews began with their usual chiding and name calling by referring to Duke Rollo as a "Bi-Gott", a title which has since been used to label anyone who does not have "KOSHER" views.

Suggested reading on the "Jewish Question":
The Thirteenth Tribe, Arthur Koestler The Jewish Religion: It's Influence Today, Elizabeth Dilling
The Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed

William Barron
You Can Spell, But You Are Still An Idiot 11.Dec.2001 08:06

Chavo Cheque

While your diatribe is spelled and constructed better than all the recent Volksfront postings, your message is as ignorant, racist, and hateful.

I'm not going to honor your drivel with a refutation of all your untruths, but a few comments are in order.

Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. This is beyond dispute to anyone who was there to exhume the mass graves and examine the physical evidence left in the ovens. They have written books and I suggest you read them.

Medieval kings and potentates were hardly at the mercy of Jews, bankers or otherwise. Any head of state could order the execution or detention of Jews with little or no reason. The Jews became active in the nascent mercantalist economy precisely because they were violently excluded from the political sphere.

"No se Bi Gott" doesn't mean anything in either Middle or Modern French. Most people who studied English in high school will remember that the Latin root for God is "dei," from which we get the English "deity," French "deiu" and Spanish "dios."

There is no place on this website or in Portland for your BIGOTED and RACIST (since you object to "anti-semetic") garbage. The only place for people like you is up against a wall, if you know what I mean (and since you cite neo-Nazi, revisionist sources, I think you do).

What is there in a name? 12.Dec.2001 19:38


What you say may be true historically. It does not however, justify modern day anti-Jewish sentiment.