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corporate dominance | genetic engineering | imperialism & war

What are we really doing?

What are really doing?
What are we really doing?

What we know! The north american lifestyle is destroying the earth. Globalisation is nothing but a corporate take over of the world (of that that is not already under corporate rule). The government is ruled by big business and its money lobby. Mainstream america has no idea as to what is REALLY happening in Afganistan. War breeds war! We eat genetically engineered food. We drink milk from cows pumped full of hormones when doctors warn pregnant women of the effect it has on our children. We slaughter animals simply to feed our taste for meat. As long as we drive cars, we'll always fight wars for oil! The earth is dying! Our current presidential cabinet is a corporate/military gang of criminals. The United States government are terrorists. Etc... etc... etc...

What are we doing about it? Some protests here, some protests there? Some letters to our congressmen and senaters? Adapting our lifestyles so that we don't support of rely on the corporate nature of this country (where it all starts)? Being an "activist"? We need a nation of activists to get what we want!

When does it start to change? At the moment all I see is flag waving blind people. Oblivious as to the truth! When will the the WTO be abolished? When will the U.S. stop killing innocent people? When will the government start answering to the democratic citizens? When will the wars siece? When will corporations look at the big picture instead of revenuevision?

Progress is being made everyday. Yet it seems that the government and corporations keep ignoring us! They have the mainstream under a brainwashing control. Its like the occult of America. Or as Kalle Lasn puts it, America the trademark.

I am 24 yrs old. As I converse with others my age, I realize they have been so far brainwashed into the consumer/self-centered/"God Bless America" mentality that I don't know if they will ever think any different.

Its time to go beyond the protests (yet not stop) and try our hardest to let the people see! Democracy is nothing without the people! There has to be a way to make the people see!

American People want their shopping sprees and bid screan t.v.'s They want Nintendo and their "American Dream". Although there is a portion of Americans who know what a crock that is, there is a HUGE portion that will not give that up without a fight.

I relative of mine recently responded to my out rage at sweatshops by saying "Well, if it wasn't for those American corporations, those people would have no jobs!". I've heard this more times then I can count!!

Its time to stand up! Not just protest! Not just talk about how we feel!! Not just petition our corrupt politicians! Not just think about the alternatives, but put them into action! Its time that we DEMAND that out media broadcast the truth!! Its time we put our energy into educating the people as to what is really going on! Its time we talk to the people around us on a day to day basis, even if they don't believe us!! Its time to tell everyone that this system is full of shit!!

And some of you may say thats what we're doing. But as I see it, its not happening fast enough. Yes I'm fighting for the future children and generations. But I am also fighting for my own life. I am sick of eating genetically engineerd food that I don't know is genetically engineered. I am sick of having to watch what companies I buy from. I am SICK of watching the U.S. government destroy people and cultures under the name of capitalism! I AM SICK!!

I write this as a call to all of those who are standing up for what we believe! But I write this in an urgent manner!! I love this planet and everything on it!! Its time not just to care but to REALLY CARE!! To not just protest but to reach out!! We can not take this slowly!! Our earth, our life, our freedom, our existance, and our FAMILIES depend on it!!

With all the war and dishonesty out there right now, I say OI to the truth!! How do we stop globalisation, corporate greed, government greed, the consumer binge, save the environment, war, animal slaughter, and live in a peaceful, sustainable, world? You got me. Its alot to ask for. But if we don't start REALLY FIGHTING for it, by the time it happens there will be nothing left anyway.

A passionate human being who is ready to FIGHT!!!
People are not listening to you because... 11.Dec.2001 09:17


People are not listening to you because you have not yet found a workable answer for yourself let alone anyone else.

You have lots of great spirit but no practical plan.

I feel if I were to join you right now in your fight, we would make a great charge, but no victory. And as Sun-Tzu said - the point of war is victory.

Your battle plan needs deeper analysis. How did the world get this way? What was America like before Predator came? How did people live before machines and oil? How would we survive if everything that is in the way now was gone tomorrow?

When you can answer the very practical questions of food, shelter, and community then you can begin to convey better solutions for our world.


People are listening because... 11.Dec.2001 11:58


People are listening because although this author didn't list any answers to these problems it is common fact that the government sure has its own answers to our revolution. Hence the Fast Track.

We may not have all the answers but we have to do something to get the masses involved before its too late and we desrtoy everything.

Some have compared the U.S. to the Roman Empire and how the Roman Empire came crashing down. Well I don't think we have to wait until it all comes crashing down.

Its time for more than just solidarity marches and protests. Nothing will change unless the masses are led to see. A 100 thou marched in London protesting the terror in Afghanistan, do you think the government listened? no. Hopefully some of the masses in Brittain woke up because of it though.

Our western governments are wasting no time counter reacting the surge in civil uprising. They have had the media and the masses in their control for along time now, they have a head start. We need to excellerate this thing!