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CAAT Demonstration

CAAT Demonstration at OHSU
December 5, 2001
CAAT Demonstration
CAAT Demonstration
Last Wednesday, the 5th of December, a handful of dedicated activists decided to pay a visit to OHSU's Holiday Bazaar. The group held handed out fliers related to OHSU's Primate Research Facility, where countless non-human primates are subjected to torture and harassment in the name of 'scientific research', which exists only to profit those involved with the gruesome experiments.
Apparently, OHSU was frightened of the shivering activists, there was a heavy rent-a-cop presence the whole duration of the demonstration. There was also a woman rumored to be part of Portland's own Joint Terrorism Task Force.
Coalition To Abolish Animal Testing will maintain a vigilant presence at all OHSU, and OHSU sponsored events, until the primate research center closes its doors forever.
If you would like to get involved, or simply learn more about the fallacies of animal research, visit
www.ohsukillsprimates.com or contact us at

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