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volksfront total victory
I salute the volksfront for their total victory !
victory? 10.Dec.2001 16:09


what exactly was won?

it seems clear that the attempt by Volksfront to claim they believe in racial equality and are not driven by hatred is a sham

every comment that shows up here again demonstates this

I too support the volksfront! 10.Dec.2001 19:17


Volksfront won ! Total Victory over the portland red skum !

NO Victory 11.Dec.2001 10:31

Cort Greene

Fascist scum who are afraid to meet people in the streets can not claim a victory.If you would had told us where your meeting was ahead of time ,I'm sure you would be singing a different tunel.There is only one way to defeat Fascism by building a United Front with workers.As for the reds statement their might be 5 real Reds in all of Portland.

Freedom of speech 12.Dec.2001 01:30


Physical confrontation with the Volksfront would not have resolved anything. Those folks are entitled to freedom of speech too.

No One Wins 12.Dec.2001 03:18

Steven Stroud, Co-founder: Oregon Spotlight Highwayman2k@hotmail.com

In all honesty how do you claim a victory Volksfront? Sure, you held your event and no one stopped you. Don't you think it is sad however that the event you held was in honor of anothers death?
Regardless of who Eric Banks was, or what he stood for the fact is that you were holding a function in honor of a man that was murdered.
When a human life is lost no one can claim a victory. When life is devalued to that extent, everyone is a looser.