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Relating to Our Elders, on Anarchist Radio News

Please visit our web page and join us for this important discussion.
Tonight on Anarchist Radio News, two local activists discuss the recent protests against the terrorist School of the Americas in Georgia, how the rest of the Anti-Globalization movement can relate to its elders, and organizing with communities of religious faith. Our guests are a Quaker woman and a super-gardener, both very thoughtful people who have long been active in working for a better world.

Live 5 to 7 PM (PST) every Monday and Thursday at  http://www.redcloudthunder.org/arn

Don't forget, Anarchist Radio News rebroadcasts 24 hours a day at the same location and has every back episode archived. If you missed the last two shows, I honestly urge you to download and listen to the December 3rd show (on the Model Emergency Health Powers Act) and the December 6th show (on the highway blockades against the War on Drugs, now up in Bolivia.) Both of those subjects are of vital importance and the two women who were guests provided essential information and analysis.

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PLEASE find out about the highway blockades going on right now in Bolivia, fighting and dying to resist the US War on Drugs. Daily news at  http://www.narconews.com

Help spread the word about the Model Health Emergency Powers Act, proposed legislation that allows states to enact mass quarantine and mandate vaccination. It's frightening!
read a summary via www.law.com (search Emergency Health Powers) and go to www.healthprivacy.org for the text of the bill and a critique from Georgetown U.
Stuff's getting way worse, way fast and we all need to know it!
www.foodnotlawns.com Info about other ways to live!

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A Choice of Words 10.Dec.2001 16:36

lucy parsons

I'm pretty sure that most of my anarchist, socialist, and otherwise revolutionary friends who are older than I am don't appreciate the term "elder." I've got to say that I don't blame them -- I despise it when members of another generation refer to me and my peers as "the youth."

Honestly, the problem is less the actual word than its function. When people refer to folks my age as "youth," they're being (unintentionally) patronizing -- implying that I am the voice of "the future" rather than a powerful force right now, for instance. Same with "elder" -- my friends in their fifties, sixties, seventies, etc., can still fuck shit up. They're part of the current movement, not just vessels for "back-in-the-day" stories.

That's all. I don't mean to be picky, but rather thought-provoking.

Give us a break 11.Dec.2001 20:35


Give us a break!You must really like to split hairs.I'm an activist and I'm not real young,and I really don't mind a bit when people refer to me as an elder.When I was younger,the word youth did'nt seem to bother me a bit,Youth simply means younger,not less wize,although as you grow older it is possible to pick up a little more hindsight perspective,although some people never do.I've seen more good ideas and ideals from people who are younger than me in the past few years than ever before. I think the hosts of ARNs intended to honor people who deserve credit for making it this long in this crazy world and remember this:If you were able to gather statistics on how many people remain activists after their 20s,you would see an exponential decrease in numbers from people in their 30s,even more in their 40s and so on.So these long term activists should be honored in my opinion.Basically almost no one remains an activist after their 20s,why don't you write us when your 45 years old and let us know what your up to?Peace,love,anarchy