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www.PrayersForPeace.org created by Portlanders

If we stop to take time to remember those who lost their lives, we will have no choice but to decide to stop the violence.
If we stop to take time to remember those who lost their lives, we will have no choice but to decide to stop the violence.
On September 12, Portlander Matt Jones saw the list of airplane passengers killed the day before and decided that something needed to be done to help us all know and remember the victims of September 11. "I realized that the one thing each of us can do is to pray," says Jones, who will say a prayer for each victim, invoking the victims name. "As I was thinking about how to find the lists of names, as they were released, I thought that maybe other people would like to share in this form of prayer."
That evening, Jones met with a friend, Kevin Noone, and explained the idea of setting up a website where people could post prayers, memories, and words of encouragement for the victims and their families. Noone agreed that it was a good idea, and both were committed to making this happen. Before nightfall, the two had purchased the domain www.PrayersForPeace.org, and had discussed many details of how to accomplish the goal.
Just three days later, on September 15, three programmers, Jones, Noone, and Jared Boone, announced the initial release of the website in memory to the victims. When asked why he wanted to help, Noone says "because I think it is important that Americans stop and remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001."
When asked about the response to the website, Matt explains, "I've had a lot of people tell me that they appreciate my site. I tell them thanks, but this isn't
my site. This website belongs to the thousands of victims and their families. This is all for them. I just hope it helps with the healing process, and helps a few people say some prayers." In the past three months, nearly 3,000 people have visited the site, 120 prayers have been submitted on 2,850 pages created specifically for each of the deceased.
When you view the website, you'll see a link for the Memorial Wall. This page currently lists 2,850 victims, and is constantly updated by volunteers and
relatives. When you click on the names, you'll be taken to the pages that are created for each person. Some pages that have memories include Rev. Mychal Judge, Peter Ganci, Barbara Edwards, and many more. On each of these individual
pages, you are invited to submit a memory, prayer, or words of encouragement for the family.

homepage: homepage: http://www.PrayersForPeace.org/