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9.11 investigation

NESARA NOW! We have the right to know the truth!

People everywhere stand up, demand the truth, no matter where it leads. I am hearing things I don't want to believe about our leaders. I was one of over 5,000 who received this e-mail this morning.
Dear White Knights,

I have waited 90 days for you to CLEAN YOUR OWN HOUSE and still we
have traitors who are stopping us from having NESARA and our
prosperity programs funding. I have waited 90 days for YOU to DO THE
RIGHT THING, but SOME of our U.S. military people continue to betray
our country. YOU White Knights need to CLEAN out the liars and
traitors in our U.S. Military and get NESARA and our funding done

Today it is 90 (NINETY) days since September 11th. I have kept quiet
about the complicity of our U.S. Military in the MURDER of 6,000
innocent Americans on 9/11. However, some of our so-called White
Knight Military have BETRAYED our trust. There have been two times in
the last month when you could have done NESARA and completed the mass
deliveries but SOME people in the U.S. Military LIED and purposely
caused delays.

WHY have the U.S. Military caused these delays? Because the MINUTE
that NESARA is announced, the bogus "laws" passed the corrupt U.S.
Congress since 9/11 become totally INVALID. That means that our
troops must come home immediately because the TRUTH about the Bush
government ORDERING the 9/11 attacks on our country will be exposed
after NESARA is announced. Therefore, once the American people
realize that the true terrorists are OUR OWN government, the American
people will DEMAND that our troops come home immediately!

WHY are some of the U.S. Military trying to delay NESARA? Some of
them have been corrupted by the Bush gang and seduced into trying to
drag out the military conflict with promises of promotions and
secretly receiving their prosperity while the rest of us wait. Some
of our White Knight Military have turned out to be dark agenda or
working their own agenda which included purposely DELAYING NESARA and
our prosperity programs funding. Some of these people intended to
try to stop NESARA and our funding from ever happening.

It's reprehensible that our own U.S. Military, who have sworn to
protect our people, were major accomplices in the MURDER of 6,000
innocent Americans on September 11 by the corrupt Bush government.
Our U.S. Military KNEW for weeks ahead of time about the 9/11
attacks. I have direct proof from a woman who works in the Pentagon.
She was told on Monday, September 10th, to STAY AWAY from her work
site at the Pentagon on September 11th and to ABSOLUTELY AVOID going
to the World Trade Center in New York City on Tuesday, September 11!

What do we have, a banana republic run by a dictatorial military
behind the scenes? HOW DARE our U.S. Military decide whether we
engage in a military conflict or not when the CONSTITUTION PROHIBITS
the Military from making this decision!!!! HOW DARE the U.S.
Military CONTINUE their betrayals of our country!

By PREVENTING the NESARA announcement, the U.S. Military IS IN FACT
manipulating the situation to keep us in a military action which is
BASED ON TOTAL LIES and all the officers in the Pentagon KNOW it!
Everyone at the Pentagon KNOWS that the Bush government ORDERED the
9/11 attacks and therefore, there is ZERO reason for us to have U.S.
troops in the Middle East!

I have watched week after week after week go by with CONTINUOUS LIES
from our U.S. Military. Even SOME of our White Knight U.S. Military
have LIED about whether certain things were ready for the
announcement of NESARA or our prosperity funding. Time after time it
has been PROVEN that certain military reports were actually LIES
designed to cause delays by claiming that critical items necessary
for NESARA and mass deliveries were not ready. Those critical items
WERE READY - TOTALLY READY —at least TWO times in the last month!

HOW DARE SOME of our U.S. Military ABUSE their DUTY to our country BY
pursuing their own personal EGO-MANIAC agendas!!!!

The fact is that the White Knight U.S. Military has SWORN to bring us
NESARA and has pledged their resources to providing security for our
prosperity deliveries and other activities. BUT in the last month,
there have been at least TWO occasions when ALL deliveries could have
been completed, but SOME of our White Knight U.S. Military LIED right
along with others in the U.S. Military who LIED in order to delay
NESARA and our deliveries.

The White Knight in charge of deliveries must rely on reports from
the White Knights of the U.S. Military regarding whether all
components for our mass deliveries and NESARA are ready. Because the
U.S. Military officers know that the White Knight in charge of
deliveries MUST RELY on them, the U.S. Military officers have
CONSPIRED to DELAY the announcement of NESARA and the completion of
our mass deliveries by LIEING and claiming that some things were not

Some of our corrupt dark agenda U.S. Military want to continue the
military action in the Middle East for THEIR OWN PERSONAL benefit
because military officers can ONLY BE PROMOTED during a military
conflict. They secretly want to keep our troops over in the Middle
East and TRY to get our troops involved a big conflict with Iraq or
involved in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Bush has
intended all along to get our country into a military action which
would cause massive loss of life of our troops and another Vietnam.
These corrupt U.S. Military officers are secretly helping Bush.

Within an hour of the decision in D.C. today to abort doing the
completion of mass deliveries and the NESARA announcement, I was
informed of a meeting of 4 (FOUR) Pentagon officers (NONE of them are
officially White Knights) who were meeting to discuss how to STALL
the announcement of NESARA and the completion of our prosperity
deliveries into JANUARY 2002! They were happy that the today's LIES
from U.S. Military units were successful in delaying NESARA and our
deliveries today. They were PLANNING HOW they could continue to
DELAY the NESARA announcement and our deliveries into January!

I'm told they expect that by the end of the first week of January,
they would have what they want. They think that by that time, the
White Knight, who is in charge of deliveries and the NESARA
announcement, will be "permanently eliminated" and that NESARA and
our prosperity programs will fall by the wayside. These corrupt U.S.
Military officers are just SOME of the U.S. Military betraying our
country by delaying NESARA and working their own agendas. It is the
DUTY of you true White Knights to have these officers REMOVED
immediately and get NESARA announced NOW!

There are at least 10 more U.S. Military commanders around the U.S.
who are filing false reports stating that things are `not ready' for
NESARA and/or the completion of our mass deliveries. This number of
corrupt commanders changes as these traitors are found and replaced.
Then new commanders are seduced into helping delay NESARA.

Let's talk about the TRUTH of September 11. There was TREMENDOUS
COLLUSION among our military, the FAA, and others which enabled the
planes to hit the WTC and the Pentagon. Across the water from New
York City in New Jersey there is a VERY special missile battery which
is designed to knock down ANY planes which fly toward buildings in
NYC. There is also a very special radar on Long Island operated by
the FAA designed specifically to detect any planes which are veering
off the normal flight patterns and toward the buildings of NYC.
There are squadrons of interceptor military jets in Massachusetts
which are triggered to scramble and intercept any planes trying to
fly into NYC airspace over buildings. ALL of these VERY
SOPHISTICATED protections FAILED on September 11 at the SAME TIME!
They failed because they were PURPOSELY TURNED OFF!

Every single person who turned off these systems and who conspired or
took orders to help turn off these protections is GUILTY OF MURDER,
the MURDER of 6,000 people on September 11th!

And what about the Pentagon? The Pentagon was placed on HIGH ALERT
over 30 minutes BEFORE the plane attack. This means that ALL the
Pentagon's defense systems should have been at a hair-trigger defense
alert status. The Pentagon has THREE extremely SOPHISTICATED DEFENSE
SYSTEMS! There are actually TWO radar systems which monitor the air
space around the Pentagon. There is the regular FAA radar system
which has ALARMS that go off when an airplane veers off of approved
flight paths. The air space over the Pentagon and White House are
DEFINITELY OFF LIMITS and the FAA radar systems must have been going
off like sirens while the plane flew over through those TOTALLY
RESTRICTED air spaces. There are interceptor military jets NEARBY
which automatically are scrambled if there are ANY PLANES flying into
the RESTRICTED air space over the Pentagon or the White House! In
addition, the Pentagon itself has it's own low altitude 10,000 to
15,000 feet radar with alarms that go off if any plane flies into the
RESTRICTED air space at low altitudes above the Pentagon. A plane
approaching the Pentagon at low altitude sets off an automatic
triggering of a battery of missiles around the Pentagon which give a
warning to any plane within 5,000 to 10,000 feet of the Pentagon. If
the plane fails to change course, these sophisticated missiles FIRE
automatically at anything within about 1,000 feet and are designed to
bring down any flying object at least 500 feet before it reaches the

So WHAT happened to all these DEFENSE systems at the Pentagon? They
were purposely TURNED OFF by Pentagon insiders. Just like the
defense systems designed to protect NYC were TURNED OFF!

What does this mean? It means that OUR GOVERNMENT had the
COOPERATION of MANY people in the FAA, the U.S. Military, U.S.
intelligence agencies, airport security personnel in Boston and many
other people in staging these 9/11 attacks. To have all these
defense systems FAIL at the same time took GREAT PLANNING and
the defense systems and helped MURDER 6,000 innocent Americans!

Furthermore, it is highly likely that the FAA was directly involved
in CAUSING the planes to hit the WTC and Pentagon. I've learned that
the FAA has a SECRET technology which can take over the flying of
planes from a remote FAA location. Experts knowledgeable about this
secret FAA technology believe that the planes were CONTROLLED
remotely by this FAA technology which flew the planes into the WTC
and the Pentagon.

The information above PROVES that WE have ZERO RIGHT to be taking
military action in the Middle East. Consequently, it is ABSOLUTELY
UNCONSCIONABLE that any of you White Knights support DELAYING NESARA
for one minute because of Afghanistan or any other activity in the
Middle East. I'm calling YOU on this whole FARCE! STOP LIEING and
STOP DELAYING the announcement of NESARA and the completion of our
prosperity deliveries!

I'm hearing from people IN OUR COUNTRY whose COMPANIES have CLOSED
their DOORS because of this horrible economy! I'm hearing from
people who have been laid off and run out of unemployment benefits
and are unable to find a new job. I'm hearing from people who are
losing their homes and filing for bankruptcy! I'm hearing from

HOW DARE you White Knights in your CUSHY positions PURPOSELY DELAY
the tremendous economic boost of NESARA to our country and the
delivery and funding of our prosperity programs to people in our
country! All of you should have to help these people in our country
who are ill, hungry, homeless, scared, and jobless because some of
YOU have helped keep NESARA from being announced! You should have to
spend a year in a soup kitchen and sleep on a hard cot to see what
YOU are doing to Americans by your betrayals!

HOW DARE you put the entire world economy and people of all countries
into further economic jeopardy by allowing corrupt U.S. Military and
government officials to DELAY NESARA and the funding of the
prosperity programs around the world!

For What? For some OIL under the Caspian Sea? For some EGO-MANIAC
belief that YOU U.S. Military must POLICE the world and decide how to
bring "stability" to the Middle East? HORSE POCKY! Who made you

There are prosperity programs which will be funding to the people of
the Middle East. There are other events following the funding of
these programs which will BRING the TRUTH to the people of the Middle
East about how their corrupt leaders have betrayed them! The PEOPLE
of the Middle East would have ALREADY gotten RID OF ALL their corrupt
leaders if we had had NESARA and our prosperity funding worldwide in
September! There are OTHER WAYS to change the world and MUCH better
ways than a bunch of U.S. military running around the world DICTATING
to other countries and people! WE DEMAND you bring us NESARA NOW and
STOP interfering where the U.S. Military has ZERO business being!

You have ZERO rights to go interfering in another country! Our own
country IS IN DESPERATE STRAITS and you should be putting all your
energies to helping our country!!!!

Furthermore, only someone who is TOTALLY IGNORANT is still supporting
an "oil-based" economy. What stupidity! We have CLEAN energy
devices that have already proven themselves and WE the PEOPLE are
choosing these devices for the future. We LACK the need for more oil!

In addition, you have SUBJECTED US to the HEINOUS actions of the Bush
government with their ABOMINIBLE Gestapo laws and crimes against our
people! HOW DARE YOU PROLONG the agony of our people who are
worrying and stressed out needlessly about all manner of things when
the WHOLE TIME it is the horrid Bush government which is terrorizing
our people! YOU are allowing tremendous PAIN and DAMAGE to our

As of Monday, December 10, 2001, YOU are SUBJECTING our people and
country to EVEN MORE damage. The Europeans have been threatening to
pull all their money OUT of our U.S. Stock Markets and our banks for
over a year. TODAY they are DOING IT! YOU were warned last week
about this but in your arrogance, you failed to listen. The
Europeans ARE DOING IT! YOU could have prevented this additional
economic PAIN to our people by finishing our deliveries and
announcing NESARA TODAY. My information is you DID have a window
today and you CHOSE to miss it. HOW DARE you do this to our country!

HOW MANY MORE of our people must go HUNGRY, must LOSE their jobs,
must LOSE their homes, and DIE for lack of proper medical care
because of our U.S. Military BETRAYING our country and delaying
NESARA? HOW do you corrupt U.S. Military people SLEEP at night?

I learned over a month ago that one of the top White Knight leaders
was secretly betraying us and had always planned to keep NESARA from
being announced and our prosperity from reaching us. He and his
cohorts have been stopped from causing more major problems, I'm
told. I had hoped that the remaining White Knights were men of
honor. We know our Great Lady is a GREAT WOMAN of TRUTH and HONOR;
however, I am having serious doubts about some of the remaining White
Knights on the White Knight decision committee after today.

Any of you who purposely delay NESARA and our prosperity deliveries
are as bad as Bush and the black ops people who masterminded the
murders of the 6,000 innocent Americans on September 11th. YOU show
you LACK the consciousness to HONOR LIFE and this makes you UNFIT to
lead or have any responsibility in our new world.

The ordinary PEOPLE of this world are of HIGHER consciousness,
awareness, and wisdom than 99% of the leaders. The ordinary PEOPLE
refuse to hold public office because of the peer pressures that cause
very few people to be able to hold onto their high principles in the
cesspools of public office and high position. The ordinary PEOPLE of
this world want PEACE and TRUTH for all.

You, White Knights, pledged to bring TRUTH back to government and to
restore the Constitution. You did quite well until September. It is
now TIME that you HONOR your WORD and bring us NESARA!

To JOIN the Dove egroup, simply send an email to:
And REPLY to Yahoo's request for confirmation.

I hope that this is the last message of this sort I need to write.
There is MORE I could write about the TRUTH of what is happening.
It's time NESARA is announced as the beginning of you White Knights
carrying out your solemn vows and HONORING your pledges in TRUTH!

Blessings and Love,

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