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Awesome Anti-Racist, Anti-Sexist, Anti-War Marches in Eugene

These are my thoughts, what are yours?
Friday night Eugene saw one of it's largest, most high energy events in recent months. Two marches, one for women only and one open, left the University of Oregon, wound their way through town and met at the Federal Building to combine into a crown that I estimated at more than 100. Allmost everyone was dressed black (ala "Women in Black" around the world) and it is possible that a majority were masked. The open march began when a statement was read about the way this racist government relies upon racism in the public for cover and support. The marchers left the student union, entered the street for one block until moving to the sidewalk unprovoked. They drug a HUGE (I mean really big) US flag through the gutter, shouted, shared info and danced to a drummer's beat. Many people honked in support, shouted aproval (one man from atop a parking garage) and some passers by joined us. Literature was distributed allong the way, and the people who shouted their disaproval were creatively and energetically made to look like idiots. (except for the frat boys, who were too far away to audibly communicate with and seemed to have vocab problems.) The pigs were on edge all night, the crowd was loud and surly, but no one got arrested. Shit did not get fucked up, except for the flag, and that was pretty fucked up to begin with.

These are the thoughts I want to throw out to begin with, I hope other people will respond with their stories, thoughts, etc to help fill out the reporting.

Make sure to watch Cascadia Alive next week to see what should be an awesome vid of the event.
wine tasting 09.Dec.2001 17:00


One great part of it all was when a bunch of folks in masks passed a yuppie wine tasting and went in to get something to drink. They hob-nobbed for awhile, but were denied wine, and left as the pigs arrived. It was a fun time for all though, and probably the most exciting thing that happened to some of those yuppies in weeks!