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Eugene Women Bare Breasts, Expose Courage

A group of Eugene mothers raise consciousness and eyebrows
Eugene Women Bare Breasts, Expose Courage

A group of Eugene women bared their breasts and exposed their courage on the steps of the Lane County Courthouse today at high noon. Using the Free Speech Plaza to demonstrate the extremes to which one must go to wake the general public out of the slumber induced by the censorship imposed by and on behalf of multinational corporations and their illegally installed Bush regime, a group calling itself the Mama Bares stripped to the waist to draw attention to numerous issues. Competition for attention has high with the annual Tuba Chorus Christmas Concert right across the street, but the women turned a few heads, raised some eyebrows and brought awareness of numerous issues to unsuspecting holiday revelers when they marched around the event.

In a communiqué announcing the action, the group of mothers listed the following questions concerning the future of their children:

1. Why haven't organic and sustainable farming practices been established as the standard in the US?

2. Why have genetically engineered crops been allowed to pollute our nation's food chain?

3. Why does the US Government subsidize the Beef Industry when that money could feed twenty times more people using vegetarian diets?

4. If Marijuana has been the biggest cash crop in the US for the last twenty years, why is it still illegal?

5. Why can't US Farmers grow Hemp?

6. Since millions of Americans want THC on a daily basis, why isn't the US Government making it available in a safely digestible, healthy, non-smoke form?

7. Why haven't Hydrogen Power and other alternative energy sources been implemented into our transportation and energy needs?

One member of the group also expressed solidarity with the mothers of Afghanistan.
When questioned about the group's exposure to cold and rain, she stated that she would draw inspiration from the fact that no matter how cold and wet they got, there were women with children colder, hungrier, and at far greater risk than they.