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Blue/Green coalitions...I challenge you!

I challenge the Blue/Green coalitions you have proven your worth with the work you did against Fast Track..I now challenge you to create jobs that would help the earth.
The West Coast has the most powerful Blue/Green coalitions in the world. Blue/Green = coalitions of labor unions folks and environmentalist and community activists. The work you did on the Fast Track was phenomenal. The Seattle WTO protests were a ground breaking piece of work that educated millions about the destructive path of unbridled global trade. NOW...take that same energy, stamina, networking ability and push for jobs that will protect the earth. Two I can think of right now... Create a fast-transit train that runs between the Mexican border to the Canadian border. Set up an environmentally friendly way for people to get from their towns and cities to this fast train. Raise it up off the ground so it will stop slaughtering people and animal life.

Idea #2 - set up a recycling factory in every city on the West Coast to reuse all we can. Make sure it uses up ALL we can. Then manufacture this stuff into useable items in the city and sell it cheap. Start mining the landfills.

It's two ideas...there are lots of unemployed engineers out there we can do it.

Roosevelt's New deal released millions of dollars and created millions of jobs to build cities, highways, sanitation projects, parks etc. We can do the same to start cleaning up our messes.

BLUE/GREEN - you have what it takes!