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drive their
cars and don't ride bikes

Some environmentalists 08.Dec.2001 11:57


Some of us are disabled. Do you want to fuck us to?

hmm 08.Dec.2001 12:16


well, "fuck" is such a nasty word. let's say Make Love To, and then perhaps us singling out the disabled wont be so negative...

OK...give us alternative! 08.Dec.2001 12:20

The Jelly Bean

So, I find it interesting that psuedo-environmentalist purists think that we all need to get rid of our cars. You must live where there is public transportation. I don't. I want to give up my car because I care about the planet and because I am being inslaved by the insurance companies and auto-makers. I was laid off in the mid-willamette Valley and now I have to commute to Portland to have an income. I tried taking Amtrack or a bus but they are not on time, they often just don't bother to show up and I would have to stand outside in the very dark to get a ride on one.

If you really care about people giving up their cars then work to get a dependable mass-transit system border-to-border from Mexico to Canada..up the I-5 Corridor. I would sell my car if you would do that. This project would create needed jobs too.. Another place to create jobs...set up recylcing companies in every city that would not just put the trash in a landfill...but sort it and make into useful things to sell back to the nation. Another source of local needed jobs...we could mine the landfills and stop poisoning the landfill.

I suspect you don't really ever try to change anything...you just like to bash people.

fuck single issue fundamentalism 08.Dec.2001 13:04

an activist with a car

bite me

cant we all just get along.... 08.Dec.2001 13:29

fulltime biker

so hey, lets not get so hard-lined about this shit. i do own a car, but i bike full time. i think everyone jsut needs to do their best. if driving to work is all you can do, then do it. BUT, if your going somewhere close to your home (groceries, corner store to get smokes, or somewhere within say 2 miles of your house) go ahead and bike there. the exersize is good and you also save money on gas and shit.

dont take such a hard-lined stance on it man. just bike as much as you can and if possible, consider moving closer to where you work and maybe then you can junk the car!

2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad!



green cars 08.Dec.2001 14:09

enviro girl who drives a fuckin car

I guess that sometimes some people just find joy is saying some things that shake things up - cool.

I like my car because it offers me a type of freedom that I otherwise do not have. Like making a mad dash to a peace vigil or escaping to a far off place that takes me out of the madness. But I of course do not like being a part of the gas and oil problem, hardly. Car sharing is a good thing, but it is hard to find that. There are other alternatives too, like green cars and alternative fuel options that are non-polluting.

Maybe time is better spent working towards pushing for more green alternatives versus lambasting those who are doin their darnedness to make a difference. This of course, would free up more time for fucking (the making love variety) which is one of the ingredients needed to help heal the world.

...And bikeriders 08.Dec.2001 17:07

Nature Boy

Yeah, fuck cars and buses and bycicles too! bikes need oil and grease and rubber for tires, and other unenviromentally friendly stuff, like metal from stripmines! I hate everyone who uses these polluting vehicles! fuck em' all! I walk where I need to go for the good of the planet. and sleep in the woods. I even pushed a couch I bought 8 miles home and .... wait a second....sorry, my sacastic switch was stuck in the "on" position. Look buddy, technology normally has pretty bad consequences, I really don't drive myself, but the reality of the situation is that like half the people who live in the middle of nowhere, or are disabled, public transportation is very limited to be effective to get to work, or the store, or for that matter another state. And until public tranportation is improved, both for range and efficency, there will be cars. Sorry.

Activism is more tan words 08.Dec.2001 21:11


I'm a cabinetmaker (and the way I use wood is another issue to discuss) living an hour from Montréal. It is an hour in car, from my house to city. To take the bus, I have to go to the nearest town, which is a 3 hours walk, then take this bus for 45 minutes. I do not own a car, and I have to do it EVERY time I need to go to the city (usually 1 time every two weeks), with my wood under my harm... But I love it, and the satisfaction of being stronger than the car is overwhelming. It is a choice, but activism is made up of choices, radical choices, because freedom only demands radical choices.

I read a book from Ivan Illich, called "La convivialité" in french. At some point, he is stating that an average american spends 15 000 hours a year dedicated to his car (in his car, working to pay it, paying taxes for pavement...) for a total of 80 000 kilometers a year. That's 6 kilometers an hour. I probably walk at 6,3 kilometers an hour, so fuck them, I'm better than their stupid cars, so are you...

math works 08.Dec.2001 22:16


>>>15,000 hours a year, for 80,000 kilometers

Lets see, 15,000 hours...what's that, 41 hours a day? And by the way, does anyone really drive 80,000 kilometers -- roughly 50,000 miles -- a year?

not me gabriel and mathman 09.Dec.2001 10:05

Om green girl

nope i don't drive my car anywhere near 50,000 mls. a year. not even close. so let's not get too far out there with our accusatory disregard for one another when there is much work to be done. Ommmmmm.....

SHuddap Smarty-glasses Portland 09.Dec.2001 11:08


In the time it took me to type this, 2 womyn were raped. Shuppdap with your words, and go DO something...christ


reality check 09.Dec.2001 13:33


to me,
A simple question for us all to consider (as we spend our time bashing ourselves in the ass instead of putting effort into overcoming our real obstacles) would be this:
Is using a computer more environmentally PC than driving a car?

I'm sorry 09.Dec.2001 19:54


It's 1500 hours for 10 000 kilometers, sorry with that. I never had a car, and never used bourgeois time either so... But it's still about 6 kilometers an hour (6.7), but I probably walk at 6.8 k an hour when it's really cold. Anyway, good luck with your war on Terror (90 % in the polls, democracy looks really fascist when it's working well, don't you think?)

to gabriel 11.Dec.2001 19:47

curious girl

gabriel - how is is that you use wood, and what do you make? In follow-up to your comment about it. I mean is it green and all?

WHO SUPPORTS THEM 15.Nov.2004 19:32


I know for a fact that the so called environmentalists from Santa Cruz and Berkley are professional protesrors who don't have a fucking clue as to what's going on. Sing Faith, Hope & Charity all you want. When I lived on the fucking Monterey Peninsula, we had as I called them the "Bonnet bitches" out of Monterey & Pacific Grove. The homeliest of women you ever saw. The guys were little whimps, all with beards and probably still being supported by mama.

Instead of working normal or hard working jobs.........they put our poor hard assed working loggers out of work. They've caused nothing but hardship on the working class while they've sat back all pale looking and eating their nuts & berries and been supported by funds raped from the hard workers of America.

All I can say is fuck them and the horse they rode in on