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"Revolt of Jacob" Goes to Hooterville

This explains how Bush Daddy's Tribe will worship in Hooterville, a genuine religious festival.
My Daddy says that's enough of this "Warm Gun Fun" Id=101974; however we hope that you are keeping your powder dry. Even though I have lived in Maine, I am being prevented from posting on Maine IMC; plus I have to deal with a "saintVitus", who posted "Why Bobby Can't Be Read.." Id=859 there. Bush Daddy of Kennebunkport infamy claims that he has proof that what I say is not true. This is probably so he can murder anyone who questions his claim. This is part of the foolproof plans of the Bush Daddy Tribe that they believe will allow them to rule indefinitely. In addition to conceiving events like having 27 people take part in the murder of Sarah and Jennifer in order to foster support for their lawlessness; this tribe also seems to engage in apocalyptical worship that upholds certain selected members as the leaders of their iniquity. The fabricated Gar & Gan tribes that I addressed in "Deceit, Delusions, and Depraved Dementia" Id=31133 apparently form groups which call themselves "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". I have found links to this Gar Gan obsession in Buddhist, Indian, and Siberian Mythology. One finds that Gandharva "has brilliant weapons" and is "closely associated with the spirits of the dead". Garida "preys on snakes" and is known as the "robber of soma". And the tales of the Mongols reveal that the Garide bird "vanquished the snake" and "represents heavenly powers". In addition to this we probably have Secret Societies and New Age Apocalyptic religions upholding such mythology and iniquity with their belief that they must take an active role in shaping the society of the future. Through the aid of a dumbed-down America (Id=79546), groups being upheld like these "four horsemen" can generate the support that allows their lawlessness to proceed unhampered. In this town I suspect that the university Messiah, the town Messiah, and Dryden's Messiah make up three members of such a group. Their primary mode of action is to throw chemicals everywhere and try to get people to talk about them. "I smell something?" "There's something in the air!" Then they have their victims locked up for having delusions when they talk about the chemicals. If they can get the victim strapped to a bed or put on a respirator; they will pay them a visit after hours posing as doctors, friends, or priests and dispatch them like clockwork. The hospital workers either support them completely or are terrified that they will be the next victim. This fabricated belief that chemicals are not injurious, along with the support of the bogus Israel in the Middle East and opposition to the number 666, are the primary characteristics of Bush Daddy Tribe's "revolt of Jacob" (Mic. 1:5) that will help validate the religious status of the Love Festivals of Hooterville.

As you should know, the "Heart of Israel" is my heart-shaped design of the earth with 666 in the center of it. I made clear in "You Be Our King" (4/24/98), "..the Jesuits have an expressed interest in the salvation of all humankind, with special emphasis placed on promotion of devotion to the Heart....these Jesuits are expected to go to any part of the world and to engage in any work assigned to them (Jesuits: Encyclopedia of Religion 1987 MacMillan, V. 8, pg. 14)" If these Jesuits show up at the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190 to honor the Golgathan crosses erected to honor Norm Nash's "sacred river oaks"; I'm sure that it will verify that these festivals are legitimate. The contention of Bush Daddy's Tribe that chemicals are harmless will be further proof that these Israelite-wannabes are indeed holy people, for they will prove over and over again that chemicals cannot kill them. Also the Voodoo that will help make manifest the Great Dead King of Israel is a chemically-orientated religious practice. In addition to "food sacrificed to idols" and New Moon and Full Moon festivals; there will also be a Path That Leads to Life, taken straight from the Bible that will help confirm that these festivals are legitimate religious events. "To commemorate the rebirth of the Indian's outlook on creation that arises with the Kingdom of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer; the Festival will include a Sun Dance...the Sun Dance should be a several day affair, addressing reinforcement of values such as fortitude, generosity, and honesty; prayers for plenty, heat, and warmth, fertility, protection, renewal of the earth, and reunion with those who had died. (Encyclopedia of Native American Religions; Hirschfelder/Molin 1992 pg. 229-30; 283-4)" (From "Just the News" 12/31/97). Surely the Jesuits will be pleased. The Pope will be happy. God will be pleased. Who could ask for more?

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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PS: Regarding the removal of my articles from the listings on various IMC sites, it seems like the interlopers are picking articles on preselected controversial topics, then leaving numerous comments in favor and opposed to that topic in an attempt to get people to think that is the only article worth commenting on. When an unsuspecting reader leaves a comment; he or she will probably be targetted for doing so. These selected articles are also probably the only ones where comments can be left on the first try with no interference. The interlopers are probably opposed to my articles because my articles attract too much attention; and I have asked readers to refrain from leaving comments in case I have to post updates. These sites where there is interference have probably agreed to let the Storm Troopers; i.e. Secret Service and all of their followers to use restricted access codes to delete, hide, and/or manipulate access to any article that they want. This explains the extreme censorship that one finds on certain sites. They will probably contend that it is just a joke and nothing more than a misdemeanor to steal these words away. Keep in mind that the Chicago riots of 1968 made it a felony to cross state lines to commit a misdemeanor and that these are international sites.

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger