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The Oregonian - An insult to it's readership

The propaganda machine works by printing stories and thinking for the people... and sometimes it prints nothing at all.
The Oregonian - An insult to it's readership

If I stick my head in the sand, do my problems go away? When I cover my face with my hand, can you still see me? Apparently the Oregonian is crudely employing a "keep it small and bury it" policy when addressing yesterday's narrow passing of Fast Track authority for President Bush. The only mention of this set back for responsible trade advocates is found on page two of the Business section in the INSIDE BRIEFCASE summaries.

Go ahead, procure today's paper and search it for the in depth analysis of international trade policy. Search for the bane of labor, environmentalists and human rights advocates, the global trade policies spurring massive demonstrations and upheaval. That must be news worthy, right?

If we are to gauge a story's importance by the number of words devoted to, then the "House OKs bill that would give Bush more trade authority" is pretty insignificant at a sparse 68 words depending on how you count.

Maybe the story's importance is in the content, the message it is sending. This story doesn't even say the word Fast Track. I guess they're hiding that dirty word in the closet so we won't see it again.

Perhaps the Oregonian will address both sides of the issue, seeing as they do serve on of the most progressive and active communities in the nation. No, sorry folks. All we read is a quote from a politician saying "support our president who is fighting a courageous war on terrorism and redefining American world leadership or...undercut the president at the worst possible time."

I don't know about you, but for me hundreds of thousands of people demanding change in the streets is worthy of respect. These trade deals are what the people resisting at risk of physical harm and arrest. That unmentionable word Fast Track is I believe part of what they're upset about. Regardless of what your feelings are on trade, the Oregonian's lack of integrity in reporting on this issue is glaringly apparent today. What an appropriate response to this insult is, I am open to discussing.