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We lost with FAST TRACK...it is time to organize

The House of Representatives voted today to give BUSH Fast Track Authority. Congress let us down! It is time to stop the destruction of democracy...
In a 215-214 vote closely following party lines, congress voted today to give BUSH Fast Track Authority. Secret tribunals, FBI taking over local police forces, ...the loss of democracy is almost complete. Multi-national corporations are spreading their darkness across the globe. It is time to mobalize the country. Do it now before it will be an act of terroism to speak out against loss of our constitutional rights. Who will step forward to bring us all together. I am only one person. Let us do it together.

Wage Peace
let's hit the streets in protest 07.Dec.2001 08:49

johnnie b

So let's rise up and take to our streets! Show 'em we are pissed!