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Song For Katie

A song I wrote last nite. Rather than upload it, I'll refer
to the urls for the mp3 and rm.
Song For Katie Sierra
Copyleft: Marco




There is a school in Sissonville
Wehre free speech don't exist
But if you live in a fascist state
This news you may have missed

Don't even think about startin'
A club to discuss anarchy
For it's seen as a threat to the Untied States
Especially under myth of democracy.

There was a boy in English class
He saw the 'A' on my shirt
He said "Love it or leave it you hippy bitch,"
And spit some tobacco on the dirt


My first thought was to punch him
But what a waste of time
Was then I chose to sing to him
This heart felt anarchist rhyme

Now mother, tell your children
That democracy's full of shit
Unless her freedom's absolute
Whether in war, peace or RedMan tobacco spit


Well somewhere in a far off county
Is a school of a thousand kids
And 999 are wearin' an 'A' on their shirt
Just like Katie did



homepage: homepage: http://marcocapelli.iuma.com