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Volksfront - The Real Story

The true Volksfront, not what the reactionary left has told you.
Since so many reactionaries who use this news service feel compelled to print lies and delve into our constitutionally protected functions and operations, we feel compelled to tell you what our organization truly represents.

We support freedom for all races from foreign and corporate exploitation. We believe in autonomy and self-determination for every culture, race and ethnicity.

We oppose Zionism as being totalitarian, terrorist and violent. We support a free unoccupied Palestinian state.

We support diversity. We believe all cultures are beautiful and worth preserving. We oppose a world where all people look, act and believe alike.

We believe in protecting our enviroment from corporate exploitation and misuse. We propose to end commmercial whaling, destruction of forests, river pollution and use of petroleum based fuels.

We recognize that less than 2% of the world's population are women of European blood who are of child-bearing age and feel this is a threat to a future survival as a culture.

We feel both the "left" and "Right" wing politcal movements exploit the working class and neither accurately represent the interests of European-American workers on issues such as immigration, free trade agreements, English in the work place and taxes.

We do not seek to impose tyranny on any nation, religion or race. Nor will we in turn tolerate foreign domination or exploitation. We believe in freedom.

We are not "neo-nazis" (National Socialists). We do not beleieve any race is inherantly superior to another or that one human life has more value because of their race or religion. We believe races are different in many ways but do not feel that makes one superior to another.

We oppose the use of violence or terror as a political tool. Violence should be avoided at all costs except when defending person or property from abuse.

Obviously in this forum, the majority of you will oppose us but since our name has been used here so often we felt it neccesary to make these statements in our defense from those who lie and slander our organization and it's beliefs. In most community coalitions there is a marked lack of representation of organizations who act in behalf of European-Americans, we seek to remedy this discrepancy. Since some of you are so reactionary and look for any reason to protest look for our coming event in April with guest speaker REP.DAVID DUKE. We'd also like to remind those fascists who oppose our rights to assemble and speak that once our liberties are gone the zionist controlled government will be targeting you good people next. We are sure most of you have good intentions and mean well, do not be deceived by the fascists among you.

homepage: homepage: http://www.volksfront-usa.org
address: address: PO BOX 18291, Salem, Oregon, 97305

VolksNazis 06.Dec.2001 04:26

Dred, da funky Jew lover

You guys are so full of shit, jumping on the anti-corporate bandwagon and proclaiming to be uniting with the environmental movement (please read Portland Mercury interview with Volksbug this week). You'll say anything to get people in the door to listen to your propaganda and subtle mind control techniques. The fact is that you guys are just another political cult (just like your heroes the Nazis!). You're also the leftover genetic sludge of a million racist hillbillys who liked watching ritual sacrifices of humans while subsequently breeding with their first and second cousins (go figure!).

I say, you got your right to speak your mind...you even got the right to speak your mind control...but never think you will EVER get the control of the populace like you once enjoyed. And NEVER think that every time you start blaring your mind control message that there won't be at least four freaks there with protest signs and middle fingers fully extended showing you what the populace really thinks of your garbage.

The Volksfront is a Nazi Front! 06.Dec.2001 07:11


I personally tore down the posters of this group from power poles in downtown Gresham back in the mid-90's, you can bet that the posters said nothing of "racial harmony". I wish I had scanned some so I could show you. The posters depicted a caricature of African Americans with big lips, and a boon box radio in hand, the caption read "who do you think invented the radio they listen to?" etc, etc...

Beware of Nazis trying to reinvent themselves - my guess they are trying to cash in on the mood after 9/11.

The Volksfront is a Nazi Front!
The Volksfront is a Nazi Front!

The only good bonehead, is a dead bonehead 06.Dec.2001 19:45


I think this guys' lies are pretty clear to anyone with enough
brains to look at the indymedia site...

Either your a Nazi
A spineless Bystander
Or you're in the Resistance

We don't have a right to assemble
Or the right to free speech
So why should we let these neo-facists have them?

Uh Huh........ 06.Dec.2001 23:46

Anti-Racist II

...why wait 'til the David DUKE show in April to protest when this fine organization has Tom Metzger here this weekend for their Nazi shindig..

ta da 07.Dec.2001 00:01

just a guy

Dedicated to the morons who use religion to back their hate:

Leviticus 19:33,34

"When an alien lived with you in your land, do not mistreat him. The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native born. love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. I am the Lord your God."

You're fooling no one... 07.Dec.2001 00:55


...except maybe yourself, oh anonymous Volksfront rep. As you can probably see all ready, nobody's falling for this "kinder, gentler Volksfront" crap you and Metzger are trying to spread. All it takes is about two seconds worth of digging at your site and the sites allied with you to uncover the "all non-whites are worthless muds, this country belongs to the white Europeans" literary mastrubation that we all know and revile. Sure, it's been ten years. Me, I wasn't even here when Mulugeta Seraw was murdered by a bunch of typical "brave as long as they've got you outnumbered and they're armed" waste-of-good-flesh NeoNazis. I wasn't here when Eric Banks' karma caught up with him. But I'm here now, and I'm really looking forward to seeing you losers realize how unwelcome you STILL are in this area. And to Anti-Nazi in Gresham, keep up the good work, and know there's a few more pairs of hands in the neighborhood ready to tear down any crap they decide to post this time around. You're absolutely right, they are trying to remake themselves and take advantage of what happened on 9/11, now that every other racist scumbag feels comfortable trashing non-European Americans. Don't think you're going to find any comfort here, Volksfront. Your "message" isn't convincing anyone. Your wanna-be-tough boys and girls aren't as scary as they think they are. You may be back, but we're still here.

And we're not leaving.

Laughing 07.Dec.2001 01:36

WAR- Portland WAR-PDX@hotmail.com

Skullsplitter- haha

Unlike you transplants, we have been here before you ever heard of Portland. We don't want you to go away, your rhetoric is the best recruitment tool we have, your hypocritical pre-puberty talk really makes people sick and reveals your fear of our ideology, after reading your lefty tough talk they come right to us. Using the internet for making tough anonymous threats is an act of cowards and just plain childish. Shut it down if you can... Funny how you on one hand complain about our alledged use of violence and then threaten the same and use a name such as "skullsplitter", lol. As far as the Mulegetta incident perhaps you should tell Ken Mieske that, if you ever practice the violence you preach and end up in prison, he's not so tolerant as we are. By threatening violence over what people think you prove your fear in the righteousness of our views since you have no intelligent counter to our ideology. It's just like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum kicking their little feet on the floor cause the didn't get their way. I would hope someone with maturity in your movement would give you a good schooling for shaming their beliefs with your poor conduct. BTW, Tom Metzger is here reading this and says "Hi Portland, I'm back!", lol.
Keep whining, we'll keep winning.

Your laughing friends,
Portland WAR and Tom Metzger.

First off... 07.Dec.2001 01:54


...it's SkullHUNTER, dipshit. I suggest you stick a finger in your right ear to keep it from ricocheting around your empty brainpan and falling out this time. Secondly, I'm not making threats. I don't agree with any of the morons that knock you types around just because they don't like the way you look or what you think, it's hypocrytical. As far as the name, I've been using it for six years, don't flatter yourselves thinking I made it up just for your benefit, I don't consider you important enough to waste time trying to scare you. And since you recognize I'm a "transplant", you might take a second to consider I have no idea who the hell Ken Mieske is. I'm neither part of any organized "movement" (yet), nor am I a "lefty". That one gave me a good chuckle, I've lost track of how many times some pinhead like yourself has called me that and displayed admirably that they don't have the first clue about me. Honestly, I'm just here because your collective stupidity irritates me. The fact that I have to breathe air that's even come in contact with people like you makes me ill. I don't give a crap if you want to have your happy little Nazi party here, or anywhere else. Hell, you can have a great big Nazi parade right on out to Sandy, or Estacada, or wherever else your idiotic spew plays best. I just want you to understand that it doesn't mean dick. Nobody's buying the spin. But I think you know that all ready. Oh, and while you're chiding me about the ineffectual nature of making anonymous threats on the internet, you should probably take a second to consider how hypocrytical it is to do that, and then insult me anonymously on the internet. Oh yeah, and one more thing. Hi Tom. I'm waving, but if you could see me, you'd notice I'm only holding up one finger.

tsk..tsk... 07.Dec.2001 05:57

Anti-Racist II

...rather than post all the thily veiled threats - why not reveal where and when you're gathering is this weekend or where Metzger is laying his head at night??

Wouldn't you rather tell us than have us find out??

Come out and play !!

What are you afraid of??

Anti-Nazi League in UK on fighting Nazis 07.Dec.2001 12:16


Some ideas on strategies by the Anti-Nazi League, veteran anti-nazi group in the UK.


Anti-Nazi League (UK) www.anl.org.uk

Fighting the Nazi Threat Today
What you can do to fight racism and fascism in Britain

THE Anti Nazi League aims to involve the maximum number of people, whether they are black or white, women or men, gay or straight, young or old, disabled or able bodied. This is because we believe everyone has an interest in fighting fascism, whatever their views on any other issues. We seek the support of individuals, black and anti-racist organisations, trade union groups locally and nationally and other groups who wish to support our activities. We have a national office, which responds to queries and letters, keeps in contact with the media and coordinates activities and information nationally. There is also a Steering Committee which has overall direction of the organisation. The key, however, is getting as many people as possible involved in local activity, whether this is leafleting, painting out graffiti or demonstrating.

'The Nazis in Britain may be marginal to mainstream politics today, but there is no room for complacency. They are preparing for the future--we need to do the same by ensuring that the Nazis are not given a platform for their racist and divisive ideas, and by campaigning against them whenever and wherever they organise.'
GLYN FORD MEP, ANL Treasurer and Rapporteur on the Rise of Racism and Xenophobia for the European Parliament, writing on behalf of the ANL Steering Committee in 1998

Some ANL activities you could take part in


Leafleting and petitioning in local shopping centres and housing estates are crucial to building local campaigns. When Nazis are standing in local elections local ANL groups organise mass leafleting and door to door canvassing. Contact the ANL office for advice on producing local leaflets.

Demonstrations and protests

Whenever there is any Nazi activity the ANL organises opposition to stop the Nazis. Whether the Nazis try to hold a meeting, speak in schools or colleges or try to demonstrate, ANL members campaign to get as many people out as possible to stop them.

No platform

No Nazi should be given a platform for their racist and vile ideas. They deny rights to others, like blacks, Asians, Jews ... If a Nazi tries to organise in your school, college or workplace, organise to stop them. The ANL has run successful campaigns to sack Nazis and expel them.

Teaching anti-racism

Teachers, students and parents were all involved in building anti-racist policies in schools in the 1970s and 1980s. In many ways this tradition has been lost in the last few years. It is up to anti-racists to rebuild it. Does your school have an anti-racist policy, and is it being applied? Do all teachers and students see the school as treating all students equally? What is being taught, and how? How many students are being excluded?
You can contact the ANL to get a speaker or a Holocaust survivor to speak at your school or college.


Nazi and racist graffiti appears everywhere from town centres and schools to the desecration of headstones in Jewish cemeteries. ANL members can paint out and clean up the graffiti.


From Rock Against Racism in the 1970s to the ANL Carnival in 1994, music plays an important role. Numerous local raves against racism are held. You can organise your own to raise awareness for a local campaign and raise money to fund it.


The ANL produces thousands of badges, stickers, posters, leaflets and pamphlets. For an order form click here. Wear a badge and sticker and encourage others to do so.

The ANL receives letters every week from school and college students and teachers and lecturers. All show a deep concern about the rise of the Nazis and ask for further information. This pamphlet attempts to answer some of these questions by explaining something about the history and current activities of the ANL as well as looking at the activities and influence of the Nazis. Our pamphlet Holocaust Denial: the new Nazi lie is also useful and we hope to produce further material in the future. We would be very pleased to have comments on this pamphlet, how you have used it and what other information you would find useful. Ring or email the ANL office for a booklist and list of other organisations and publications that could be useful.

Anti-Nazi League in UK on fighting Nazis
Anti-Nazi League in UK on fighting Nazis

Reason enough to opposed the Volksfront 07.Dec.2001 15:25


an article from the Volksfront website.
again, you only have to spend a few minutes on this website to see that this organization is blatantly and vehemently
anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-jew, and anti-immigrant, which is enough for me.

P.O.B. 18291
U.S.A. Gay Rights?

In 1991 the Washington Post Weekly reported that the Gay Rights Movement is the fastest growing, and perhaps the most powerful lobbly in the United States today.
The blatant attitudes of homosexuals can be determined to some degree by their names:

Not only are these groups threatening our communities, but they're targeting our childrens' schools as well.
According to their own literature, the goals of "SMYAL" - the Sexual Minority Youth Affirmation League, are these:
Boys walking the halls of schools holding hands.
Same sex kissing in school.
same sex dances and dating in school.

If this is the kind of lifestyle you want for your children being encouraged to live, then you'll have no problem fitting in with the agenda that is taking place in our communities. If you oppose this lifestyle that is FORCING its ways into our everyday lives, then stand up and resist these unexusable actions that go against Nature, Morality, and the American Way.
Remember good education starts at home.

No More Hiding 12.Dec.2001 02:57

Nazihunter Nazihunter@hotmail.com

The truth is that the Volksfront is the intellectual creation of it's founder: Randall Lee Krager dob 12-25-1973. Krager is a convicted HATE MONGER. He hides from attention almost as if he were ashamed to be involved with the movement itself, threatening those who would expose him with limp legal overatures.
The Volksfront feels that it must hide the identity of its members, like many hate groups. Locally other cowards such as Jason Stevens of the band Intimidation One and member of the Hammerskin Nation along with Ken Hunter and "Mean Gene the Hammer", (Who the hell is this anyway?)continue to hide under their beds and yell out threats and obscenities.
The truth of the VF is HATRED, I challenge anyone to prove different.