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The Labor-Community Anti-Racism Committee, a program of Jobs with Justice, plans a Rally this Saturday Dec. 8th, to raise awareness about racist activity in Portland. The rally will be held from noon to two pm at Holladay Park Lloyd district.
Portland, OR, December 5, 2001

In response to reports of a pending visit by racist skinhead leader Tom Metzger, the newly formed Labor-Community Anti-Racism Committee (a program of Jobs with Justice) is planning a peaceful but powerful rally to protest the pending visit of racist skinhead leader Tom Metzger to Portland. Come Join your neighbors in saying "No to Nazis" this Saturday, December 8th, from noon to 2 pm at Holladay Park, on Multnomah Boulevard and Northeast thirteenth, between the Lloyd Mall and the Max line. Bring your musical instruments, protest signs, and your best anti-fascist chants.

The rally's goal is to raise awareness about racist activity in Portland, and build a powerful multi-racial mobilization to challenge and expose neo-Nazi organizing.

The Labor-Community Anti-Racism Committee is comprised not only of members of Jobs with Justice, but draws from labor unions, student groups, civil rights organizations, the faith-based community, the independent media, and other community groups.

Hotline to receive information about current anti-racist mobilizations: 503 287-7498
Hotline to phone in reports/intellegence on racist actions: 503 235 2571

About Jobs with Justice:

Founded in 1991, Portland Jobs with Justice (JwJ) seeks to improve working people's standard of living, fight for job security, and protect workers' right to organize. To that end, JwJ has built a local coalition of 59 labor, faith-based, community, and student organizations to work together on workplace and community social justice campaigns. Jobs with Justice coalitions now exist in over 40 cities in 29 states in all regions of the country. For more information on Jobs with Justice, please see  http://www.jwjpdx.org.
Union Nazis 05.Dec.2001 23:24

Jimmy Mac

Interesting since according a close friend I have who grew up with these guys the majority are union members including carpenters, steam fitters, masons, sheetmetal workers, iron workers, and electricians, I'd be suspect of working with the trade unions who allow these people membership...

JWJ 06.Dec.2001 01:13

working class stiff

You do not represent the trade unions nor their membership, don't attempt to use the working class for your anti-democratic agenda. The motivation behind this protest has no interest in the concerns of the American working class. It is people who protest free speech and peaceful assembly who are the fascist Stalinites. You are nazi hiding behind the label of Labor.

Jobs With Justice? 08.Dec.2001 04:12

Thom Robb

Isn't that the biggest gang of homos, hobos and whores north of the Rio Grande?

??? 11.Dec.2001 16:46


What the hell are you people talking about? Just wondering...