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Warm Gun Fun

If you've been molesting firearms, birds, or women; we hope that you passed the test!
My Daddy said that I should make known to you how ""Suicide" America-style" Id=98219 went over around the globe. Well there was some problem getting the Post Postscipt posted in the comment section on some sites; plus I noticed that the usual problem sites were removing the artice from the listings immediately. I succeeded in getting the PPS posted at most sites; and luckily I realized beforehand that the New York Times alleged 3:49 PM Full Moon of 11/30 was off by only ten hours, instead of fourteen. On the problem sites I ended up posting this article as "Happiness is a Warm Gun"; My Gun Weeps Gently, and "Sha Na Na Na Sha Na Na Na Na" in an attempt to get across to them that this was very critical information. Some of these sites responded and left the articles posted while others had to be reposted with the later versions. Some of them kept them for a while only to remove them later. Here is the list of postings at the various sites: Sweden IMC: 12454; 12494; 12510; UK: 17580; 17628; 17653; Atlanta: 3182, 3205, 3211; Maine: 844, 851, 852; Buffalo 960, 966; Chicago 6547, 6570; Houston 1953; Richmond: 958; NYC 14647; Madison 2058; Portland: 5051; St. Louis: 1031; Seattle: 9527, 9559, 9583; Arizona: 2137; Mexico: 1356; Brazil: 12233; 12280; 12301; Colombia: 2045; Argentina 4605, 4628. 4640; U-C: 3300-2; 3310. Most of those posted only once were the result of my not being able to get the PPS posted. On most of the sites it takes more than one attempt to get a comment posted, and that is wrong for the comments should flow freely. Wasted computer space is a myth. Bush Daddy informs me that this is part of the "abduction" game of IMC in that his tribe pays visits to people who attempt to post comments and tries to get them to admit that they were the ones posting the comments. I also mentioned to Maine that I probably saw Bush Daddy walking on campus Monday with Dryden's Messiah, driving the patrol car behind him as backup. BD was probably trying to convince the administration or me that he was somebody because somebody told him he was somebody. I say that they should have taken his shoes and trimmed his trousers and made him walk home like that.

The adapted version of this article is interesting because it explains how those surpressing these articles become part of the "revolt of Jacob"; and it has produced reports of people getting wounded for doing strange things with guns. The people suppressing these articles are the false prophets of Bush Daddy's Tribe, stealing my words from one another (Jer. 23:30). As you can see from the feedback that I get from such people on Madison IMC, they are apparently very perturbed that they can't do the same on Madison IMC that they do with my articles on other sites. It appears that "Anti-spam" and/or others have a means to "boobytrap" my article so that the next comment placed after theirs on a targetted article makes it disappear from the listings. On some sites it seems like it is set up so that the articles are removed automatically. Whatever the case I am quite sure that it is not legal to do that without saying why they are doing it. they spread many falsehoods about me, saying that, among other things, that I am lying about who I am or where I live. I write of the end of history, and it affects every single person on earth. They contend that I am threatening them, and they apparently didn't know that "Happiness is a Warm Gun" is a Beatle song. They use a lot of profanity probably in an attempt to get me to answer them according to their folly. Have them address every single person that they meet like that and see how far they get. They also threaten to have asbestoes dumped on me, not understanding that is part of their "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15) that chemicals are not injurious. Bush Daddy claims that people have been throwing asbestoes on them when they answer the door, since they seem to think that it is harmless. If so, I bet that they learn a thing or two about it just trying to decontaminate the place. As for reports about the incidents with a gun, maybe they are better off just kissing the gun rather than licking the eyesight. I'm sure drool on the barrel would upset some people.

They would pollute God among His people in order "..to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live.." by lying to His people that hear the lies of Bush Daddy's tribe (Ez. 13:19). Their lips have spoken lies, and their tongues have mutterered perversities. They have conceived mischief and brought forth iniquity (Is. 59:3-4). They hold themselves not guilty (Zech. 11:5). Bush Daddy claimed that he was going to be able to survive in "Samaria"; thus I should explain better that "Samaria" is this section of the "mountainous region of Ephraim"(Amos 3:12; Is. 7:9; Mic. 1:5). In the "Good News" of 11/24/97, I revealed that Ephraim "reaches from upstate New York to North Carolina", and you should know that I am "a voice from Dan "bringing you "Good News" from the "mountainous region of Ephraim". The iniquity has thrived in Samaria since 27 people butchered Sarah and Jennifer here; thus Bush Daddy thought that he would be right at home, not understanding that he had to "stand up" long ago (Dan. 7:4). How could he think that telling people that he was going to be a king or some other damn thing was going to get these people to support him indefinitely? That is like Israel bombing Gaza Strip to get people to pity them as the persecuted people. If those who have supported the "revolt of Jacob" don't understand that they should have headed for the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190 a long time ago; they might be happy to know that God has promised that He "..will let a few of them escape from the sword...that they may confess all their abominations among the nations where they go"(Ez. 12:16). Until they acknowledge their guilt, God will hide his face from them (Hosea 5:15). Tell all these interlopers on IMC that they've been bothering Bob's "Betsy" whether Bob's "Betsy" is a chickadee, a Cherokee, or a three-shot 20 gauge. Is that a threat? No! It's a test, especially if they want to kiss and make up with "Betsy".

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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