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A few reasons to want a citizens review board

A few reasons to want a citizens review board from PAC website, more at that address
A few reasons to want a citizens review board
A few reasons to want a citizens review board
Sept 6 court date for partly-bust victims
On March 30th a noise complaint at a NE House Party drew over 40 police officers who beat, pepper sprayed, photographed, and interrogated party-goers.

Two individuals have been accused of kidnapping and assaulting a police officer, a felony which carries a mandatory minimum sentance of nine years. Sept. 6th is the court date set for Chad Hapshe, and Bjorn Einersten. Friends of Chad and Bjorn are organizing the march and reaching out to others in our community affected by police abuse.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. People face police harassment and violence on a regular basis because of the color of their skin, their age, and/or their economic status. People also face police violence for seemingly no reason at all. It has been reported that last week Police, without provocation appeared in riot gear outside the Roseland on W. Burnside and pepper-sprayed a crowd just exiting a concert. We have also recently seen many instances of police abuse directed toward African American Grandmothers! Police harassment and violence are real problems shared among ALL parts of our community. We must come together and stand up for each other's rights and safety.

Police Shoot Another Citizen ? Again
Read about it in the Skanner. Steve Duin in the Oregonian says When in doubt, cops invariably pull the trigger. And you know what the Grand Jury did about it: Officer Cleared In Police Shooting . 'After hearing from numerous witnesses, a Multnomah County grand jury concluded that Officer Kenneth Duilio did nothing wrong when he fired at Bruce Browne. Browne, 40, reportedly wrestled a gun away from a man who had threatened him. The suspect ran away when police arrived, and officers found Browne holding the gun.'

City Council's action Outrages Community
On June 7, the City Council voted to accept Blackmer's proposal. The Skanner expresses it concisely: Police Accountable for Nothing "Why were the vast majority of citizens interested enough to testify and send letters on this issue so obviously ignored? ... That?s how we got here in the first place ? disrespect of the common people by the powers that be. Make no mistake, this new system is a step backward. "

City Council considers Blackmer's Proposal
On May 24, the City Council took testimony on City Auditor Gary Blackmer's proposed alternative to real civilian review. He wants an "Independent Police Review Division," reporting to himself, that would have a little more investigatory power but would be even further removed from public input than PIIAC is at present. The Willamette Week's article Watching the Copwatchers points out some of the shortcomings of Blackmer's plan. Dave Mazza's Oregonian piece Auditor's police-review plan lacks true independence is more to the point.

La Compana Responsibilidad Policial 2002 Marches to Protest Shooting
On Saturday, May 5, Police Accountability Campaign 2002 marched with the Latino community and other groups protesting the mistreatment and shooting of Jose Santos Mejia Poot, and calling for "control ciudadadano de la policia". KGW reports on march
An estimated 1000 people came together, with loud chants in English and Spanish, "One to the head, one to the chest; We want justice, we won't rest". IndyMedia has more details

Youth Speakout Against Police Abuse Held
150 people participated in the speakout on Thursday, April 26th at St. Andrew's Community Center, sponsored by The Police Accountability Campaign 2002, Sisters in Action for Power, The New Party, Love Makes A Family, street roots, NAACP and St. Andrew Community Center.
The speaker list was full for two hours as youth shared their experiences and joined their voices with others who want to stop being targeted by the police. Read more or to get invloved in future Speakouts, send e-mail to pdxspeakout@hotmail.com or leave a message at: (503) 202-5980

No Justice for Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot
Portland police officers did no wrong when they shot and killed Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot at a southeast psychiatric hospital earlier this month, a grand jury ruled Thursday afternoon, April 26. Grand Jury Finds No Criminal Acts in Poot's Shooting Death.
Commentary in the Oregonian Shedding light on Mejia's death. points out that "A grand jury has never indicted a Portland police officer for the on-duty use of deadly force."
Protesters bearing placards and eliciting approving honks from cars described police as murderers and demanded answers as to what exactly happened the night Poot was shot. Grand Jury Ruling Draws Fire from Some Latinos.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pac-2002.org