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Progressive Secretary needs you

There's this really great letter writing service provided for free at  http://www.progressivesecretary.org that I found about through  http://www.protest.net. Progressive Secretary creates really great letters that are sent to our representatives and business suits. You need to sign up on the site and fill out what political areas you are interested in checking out letters for. They will then send out the letters to your representatives only if you approve of the letter - each one is sent to you first and you only need to reply w/ a yes or no.

I talked to one of the guys behind Progressive Secretary and was told that if 300 people sign up in the Portland area he can create letters addressed to and for Portland specific issues. That would be really cool so I urge you to check it out and sign up if it seems cool. I hope this didn't sound like spam tho' I'm thinking it is.

homepage: homepage: http://www.progressivesecretary.org

That's a cool idea! 04.Dec.2001 21:24

anna graham

I don't think it's spam; it's an amazing idea. not being the speediest writer of quality letters myself, it would be an amazing option. thanx!