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4 December 2001 - Latest News from Afghanistan

What CNN doesn't show.
04 December 2001 : Taliban in Kandahar Remain Unaffected by US Bombing
ISLAMABAD (Islam News): The Governor of Kandahar, Mulla Muhammad Hasan Rahmani said Monday that despite heavy American bombing on Kandahar, the Taliban forces remain ready to fight. He further said that Mulla Muhammad Umar was safe and that the Taliban are defending Kandahar under his command and directions. He added that only Afghan civilians are being killed by the bombardment. "Nevertheless, we are ever-determined and our morale is high like before."
Mujahid Kills Three Northern Alliance Soldiers in Kabul

KABUL (Islam News): An Arab Mujaahid who was carrying explosives on his body detonated himself when attacked by Northern Alliance troops. Instead of surrendering himself, he preferred to go to Paradise, while sending the Alliance troops to the Hell-fire (we ask Allah that it is so).

Brothels and Vulgar Cinemas Re-Open in Kabul and Herat

KABUL, HERAT (Islam News): After the departure of the Taliban from Kabul and Herat, the vulgarity is rapidly increasing in these areas. Saunas and swimming pools which the Taliban closed for women have already been re- opened by the Northern Alliance. Furthermore, prostitutes have re-started their activites outside these swimming pools and saunas. Is this the type of 'modern' Islam that many anti-Taliban hypocrites amongst the Muslims have been calling for?

Anti-Taliban Pushtun Convoy Destroyed

KANDAHAR: During American bombardment of Kandahar Province, troops led by anti-Taliban Pushtun, Gul Agha, attempted an advance from Takhta Pul towards Kandahar Airport. They were ambushed by units of the Taliban. Three of their vehicles were destroyed, three of them were killed and dozens were injured. This was the first attempted advance on Kandahar Airport and it was rendered futile by the Taliban. It should be made clear that there have been many news reports concerning offensives on Kandahar for quite a few days. However, all of these reports have been baseless; the aforementioned attack was the first attempted advance of the enemy on Kandahar Airport.

Martyrdom Operation Kills Five Americans in Kandahar Province

QUETTA (Baluchistan Times): Mullah Ameenullah, the Taliban official for border affairs, reported that five American Special Forces troops were killed and 20 were injured Monday in a martyrdom operation near the small Kandahar Airport, 20km from Kandahar city. In the ensuing firefight, eight of the Taliban were martyred, may Allah accept them.

FBI Opens Immigration Controls at Karachi Airport, Pakistan

KARACHI (Daily Jang): The Pakistani newspaper, Daily Jang, reported over the weekend that the Pakistan Government, in line with its betrayal of Islam and the Muslims, has allowed the FBI to open immigration controls at Karachi International Airport. Their job is to scan the passports and details of every traveller leaving Pakistan and check them through American intelligence computers in case any traveller is wanted by America for 'Islamic activism'. Further posts are planned in international airports in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. This dispels the rumours that the Pakistan Government was pursuing a double policy of cooperation with the United States.

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