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SHAC Campaign Returning to Little Rock!

On October 29th, 2001, over 300 activists visited the homes and headquarters of Stephens Inc. during a weekend of action against HLS's largest investor and primary financier.
SHAC Campaign Returning to Little Rock!
SHAC Campaign Returning to Little Rock!
Activists literally shut down center-city Little Rock during a National demonstration at the Stephens Inc. headquarters October 29 and captured the attention of national media. Since this event we've seen activists all over the country return home with all the excitement, motivation and determination of Little Rock and stick it to Stephens on their home turf. We've also seen the successful start of a National Tour of Stephens Inc. offices.

But we're just as determined not to let Stephens in Little Rock get a rest. SHAC-USA will be joining together with local groups in Little Rock and all over the country for another national weekend of action January 13th and 14th. Don't miss this most important weekend!! We will be holding a number of events aimed at urging Stephens Inc. to follow the lead of the world's most significant financial institutions--Citibank, Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, etc.--and sever all its ties with HLS.

Everyday 500 animals are tortured and killed inside of Huntingdon Life Sciences. These animals are depending on us to do all that we can to shut this vile lab down! There's no time to waste! SMASH HLS!!

Email  shacusa@envirolink.org and let us know if you're coming, where you're coming from and how many people you will be bringing. Check out  http://www.october29.org for all the resources--hotel info, directions, local contact--used for the October 29 events. Get yourself to Little Rock and stay tuned for more details!!

for more information and what you can do, visit:  http://www.shacusa.net  http://www.stephenskills.com

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