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Challenge the DEA ! Say No to DEA Attempts to Ban Hemp Products during a Nationwide Day of Action -- December 4, 2001. This ia an action to challenge the DEA's attempts to ban hemp products.
On December 4th, 2001, Portland activists should gather to the PDX DEA offices located at 1220 SW 3rd Avenue in downtown between 11am - 2pm. There will be Taste Tests at DEA outposts all over the country. At lunchtime, activists will be setting up tables with hemp products and information, and soliciting participation of the DEA employees in taste tests. Well be courteously offering hemp chips and bars and poppy seed bagels to DEA employees and passers by. This is our opportunity to show the DEA and the public just how ridiculous the new DEA rules are that make the delicious and nutritious hemp foods they are eating Schedule I substances.
Through this action, we will draw national media attention to the nutritional and other positive values of hemp and highlight the absurdity of the DEA prohibiting foods. If you're unable to participate in the actions, you can do your part sending a comment to the DEA to prevent their attempt to prohibit hemp seed products (comments must be received by December 10th, 2001).

homepage: homepage: http://www.votehemp.com
phone: phone: 503.525.2356