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PepsiCo goes after Indy Rock

PepsiCo has just begun a marketing campaign for its new energy drink called "Amp" ( http://www.ampenergy.com). What is different about this marketing scheme is that they are using Indy rock bands to sell it!!!
PepsiCo goes after Indy Rock

PepsiCo has just begun a marketing campaign for its new energy drink called "Amp" ( http://www.ampenergy.com). What is different about this marketing scheme is that they are using Indy rock bands to sell it!!! This morning KROQ played an advertisement selling "Amp" while promoting the band Piebald (www.bigwheelrec.com).

If you listen to independent music or not you should be discouraged that bands are trying so hard to promote themselves that they don't care about whoring themselves out to multinational corporations such as PepsiCo. I do not think they have any clue about how PepsiCo treats the environment and its own workers. So far I only know of two bands (both of which I like) taking part in PepsiCo's new promotion: Sundays best (from Los Angeles/ http://www.sundaysbest.net/) and Piebald (from Boston). I am sure there are many more.

You can write to Sunday's Best at  sundaysbest@hotmail.com and Piebald at  xstandx@aol.com . Tell them you will not buy there records or go to there shows as long as they promote chemically tainted junk food soda pop made by multinational corporations who have no respect for life or the earth and are just using there music to market that crap to the youth. Also you can write to PepsiCo at: 700 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577

Here is a remark from the band "Sundays Best" Newsletter:

"AMP: "Amp" (www.ampenergy.com) is a new energy drink (a la Red Bull) that is currently being manufactured by PepsiCo. Relatively uninteresting I will agree, but they have a rather unique marketing strategy: instead of buying regular radio commercials, they buy radio spots and then play unsigned bands for 20-30 seconds and announce when that band is playing locally. This promotion is currently being implemented in 20 different cities, including LA, Seattle and San Francisco on the West Coast. Sunday's Best has been selected to participate in this promotion, so it shouldn't be long before you're hearing us on KROQ."

The Independent music scene needs to start caring about independence, art, expression, and knowledge instead of wealth, privilege, ego, and how they can sell out.

A message for Indy Rockers (if you are in fact an Indy Rocker): Educate yourself about the evil ways of multinational corporations that not only sell crappy over produced generic music but also violate human rights around the world and don't give a shit about the environment or your health if it means they can make a profit!
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If you know any other bands taking part in this PepsiCo promotion email the information to  PepsiRockSucks@hotmail.com.

-The Pepsi Rock Sucks Campaign

phone: phone: pepsirocksucks@hotma
address: address: pepsirocksucks@hotmail.com

Fuck ALL Sell-Outs 03.Dec.2001 17:31


So-called indie bands who choose to support this
"complex" are just a waste of time and you should
stop supporting them. All the ad execs now are from
the gen x crowd and have somewhat better taste in
music (due to the Nirvana-Alt Rock craze that swept
the USA). Thus, we now have formerly brilliant bands
like Spiritualized and the Dandy Warhols selling cars
to us. Sure, they may need the money...but so does
everyone...that doesn't mean you sell out just for the
cash or exposure. Better to die a nobody than die in
the hands of domination. Steve Albini will save us!

Smells Like Teen Spirit,

"Indie Rock" doesn't exist 04.Dec.2001 11:42


Indie Rock no longer exists (and, by the way, punk is dead too). Whatever is "underground" or "alternative" eventually becomes mainstream. So to even care whether or not a band is endorsed by a multi-national corporation is irrelevant.

Dashboard Confessional 04.Dec.2001 15:18

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) sings on the mp3... but he's not in the band anymore.

guess he got out just in time.

arrgh. 05.Dec.2001 10:23


byn/a, there's plenty of shit out there that is still very punk. you've just stopped looking for it, it seems. or maybe you don't think punk is anything but green hair, mohawks and safety pins. piebald used to be on hydrahead.