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The Model Emergency Health Powers Act

New proposed legislation asks states to make law a bill that will enable them to declare a "public health emergency" under broad criteria, forcibly quarantine large numbers of people and administer mandatory vaccinations. Hear about it tonight on Anarchist Radio News.
Tonight on Anarchist Radio News a local midwifery advocate and a nurse practitioner discuss the Center for Disease Control's new proposed legislation for states, the Model Emergency Health Powers Act. If mass quarantine and mandatory vaccination seem to crazy to believe, read the documents at the web sites below.

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Please join us for this important conversation and let your friends know it's going on as well.

For the text of MEHPA and a letter of critique from Georgetown University, go to:

for a summary of MEHPA go to www.law.com and search for "Emergency Health Powers"

You'll be horrified by what you read.

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