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International Solidarity Movement in Palestine - D15-J1 2001/2

The International Solidarity Movement is converging again in Palestine from D15 to J1 2001/2 to bring the world's attention to the Israeli occupation and demostrate solidarity with the Palestinian people.


From 15th December 2001 to 1st January 2002 the
International Solidarity Campaign (ISC) will be
coordinating two weeks of direct nonviolent actions designed to expose and confront the human rights abuses by the Israeli Occupying Forces in the West Bank, Palestine.

Concerned people from around the world committed to justice are being asked to bring their energy,
commitment, hope and action to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

International support has proven to be very effective in the last year1. When international demonstrators stand together with Palestinian demonstrators the Israeli military has difficulty using its regular tactic of shooting live ammunition at the crowds. As the terror and violence of the occupation increases on
a daily basis it is essential that more internationals come and show their solidarity with the Palestinian people and help support nonviolent means of bringing down the occupation.

The program of actions for December will be finalized nearer the time as the situation in Palestine changes so rapidly, but it will include a candlelight procession on Christmas Day and also some of the following: removing roadblocks from essential access roads to try to relieve the sieges on Palestinian towns and villages; resisting the humiliation, delays and expense of the Israeli-controlled check-points2; attempting a 'freedom ride' on the apartheid-like settler roads (these are roads in Palestine that are
designated for Israeli use only); home-stays with
families suffering from settler or soldier violence (this is particularly serious in the Hebron district3). All of these actions are being planned by the core organizing committee of the International Solidarity Campaign - a coalition of Palestinian and international organizations. The actions could be in any part of the Occupied Territories depending on the greatest need. We will gather in Bethlehem for registration and orientation on the 15th December.

If you are interested in joining the International
Solidarity Campaign, please send us an email
confirming your interest4. We will then send you a
registration form and keep you informed of our plans and arrangements. We can also be reached by phone and or fax at: +972-2-277-2018.

Please join us - the presence of internationals will give heart and support to the very important
nonviolent resistance to the illegal occupation of

1 See the website of the Rapprochement Centre for
details of past actions - www.rapprochement.org

2 See the website of various human rights
organizations for details of the human rights abuses at the Israeli checkpoints and other places. For instance, see btselem.org ; arij.org ; miftah.com

3 You could email the Christian Peacemaker Team in
Hebron for examples of the violence suffered in Hebron and the total closures of the Old City in Hebron -  cptheb@palnet.com

4 Send us a note of your interest in joining the
December actions -  pcr@p-ol.com

phone: phone: +972-2-277-2018