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Captain Ozone - Hydrogen Fuel

A great alternative to foreign energy
Captain Ozone - Hydrogen Fuel
Captain Ozone - Hydrogen Fuel
Not very many American citizens are aware of the everlasting benefits of hydrogen, or hydrogen fuel cells, and I'm pleased to know that Captain Ozone is one of the few who are advocating H2. I visited his Hydrogen Directory website and I'm amazed at how much the hydrogen industry has grown in the last decade.

Billions of dollars are spent every year on oil exploration and even billions more are spent to defend oil in the Middle East. It's about time our Western World start spending at least 1/00 of that amount on research and development for renewable, pollution free energy technologies. Hydrogen is comparable to solar, wind, tide, and geothermal power, since it is virtually nonpolluting, only it has the extra energy to power passenger jets and large rockets into space. British Columbia Transit and Chicago Transit Authority are already demonstrating hydrogen-powered transit buses and several automotive companies are now manufacturing hydrogen-powered vehicles. We should see by the end of this decade more hydrogen-powered cars as opposed to electric cars. Hydrogen cars can run much faster than electric cars and require far less stops for refueling.

Here's an interesting hydrogen website to visit: www.nfcep.org

Scott Wilson