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"Happiness Is a Warm Gun"

I am posting this here because I could not post the Post Postscript to Suicide America-style after the article.
This post is for the education of the interlopers who have been removing my articles from selected sites like UK, Sweden, Houston, Atlanta, Maine, Buffalo, Hamilton, Chicago, Urbana-Champaign, Arizona, and Seattle. This Introduction along with the Post Postscript to "Suicide America-style" will also be posted on sites where I am unable to get comments posted. Unless a site has security measures in place that allow for the immediate posting of comments, my comments never get posted. Now what is the connection to "happiness is a warm gun"?

All you illiterate illegitimate censors have been bothering my gun! Do you hear? Whether my gun is a woman that I used to love, the 20 gauges that I used to own, or the five-shot .22 that I used to own; I'm sure that you are bothering all of them. Is that a threat? No it is a test! Now you wanna kiss my gun and make up? Don't you? No? Would you prefer to mouth the barrel? Don't you wanna make my gun warm? Come on! At least lick the eyesight? You can do it! It won't hurt!

Is that a joke? Only to you probably! Only if you are doing it to someone else. You all claimed that you couldn't understand a word that I write when I write very plan english. It's not like I have spoken to you in parables or anything like that. None of you could refute a word that I have written, so you have elected to lawlessly exercise your professed intelligence and authority to keep people from learning about the concealed deeds of darkness that you cherish so much. Although it may have ended much sooner, history officially ended when I set off the Persian Gulf War and brought those soldiers home with nary a casualty (Id=36001). I am here to make known what will take place because man will no longer determine his own destiny. The events that I write of affect every single person on earth. It has all been written out. Whether or not you believe it, that is not my problem. If you oppose it or try to change it, you are opposing God Himself. You become part of the "revolt of Jacob". Don't you think that people can access this on different sites? You are fooling yourself to think that you have accomplished something by removing these words. Let it be! And let the comments flow freely. There is no such thing as the alleged computer space that is supposedly being wasted.

Suicide" America-style
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 9:54am Wed Nov 28 '01
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca, NY 14851

"Faster and faster the engine flew! Wilder and wilder the country grew!"

My Daddy said that it seems like America has committed suicide as a result of listening to the professed intelligence of brain-damaged coprophagists. Who is not grieved over the ruin of Joseph (Amos 6:6)? Who is not grieved that the apparent double-murder of Joseph Linder and Janet Breslin has been "swept under the rug" as a murder-suicide (Id=93606)? It seems like it wouldn't make a bit of difference if that was Jimmy Breslin's daughter. As with the 27 people on hand for the butchering of Sarah and Jennifer in Cortland County in October 1996 (Id=93509), Bush Daddy's presence at this murder-suicide is not a factor according to him, for "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It!" Id=41739, he didn't do anything, and nobody can prove anything. "Hitler never touch anyone either!" In an age when Anthrax can be broadcasted on the population like clockwork (Id=82672) and defective skyscrapers can substitute as "gas chambers" (Id=87001); the forsenic pathologist has become a nonentity in the dumbed-down America that produces illiterate doctors (Id=62371) and specializes in "educating" fools (Id=79546). This is the culmination of Bush Daddy's reign as the lawless Jacob (Mic. 1:5); i.e. the uncrowned king of "Babylon on the Potomac" (Isaiah 14:4-23). Along with the help of Messiah Exarchou (Id=41739) and his Storm Troopers, this "revolt of Jacob" has fostered a depraved indifference to human life that has made manifest a "Concealed Holocaust" (Id=35206) unlike anything before in history, for the evil ones are portrayed as sweet caring people; and fools are called noble (Is. 32:5).

From the Prophecies of Nostradamus and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to the bogus Israel in the Middle East and the current fabricated war to glorify Bush Daddy's illiterate kid; they have all been renegades, supporting the "revolt of Jacob". I believe that you would find that a lot of the supporters of this perverted form of Zionism would not identify themselves as Jews. God knows why there are so many Turko-Mongols who call themselves Jews. The formation of Israel was a prophesized happening, and Ezekiel revealed that they were all destined to fall by the "sword" (Ez. 39:23; Hos. 7:16). As I made clear in "Persian Gulf War Delusions.." Id=36001, Bush Daddy and Saddam Hussein were the "goat" and "ram" of the eighth Chapter of Daniel. Bush Daddy is destined to be made to "stand up on two feet like a man"(Dan. 7:4) as the Great Dead King of Israel (Hosea 10:3,15); i.e. the "abomination that causes desolation" (Dan. 12:11). God says, "do not weep for the dead king" (Jer. 22:10). We won't! We won't even tell anybody that he is dead! As for the rest of the tribe, it is written that their bodies will be thrown out and send up a stench (normal?) (Is. 34:3). After all, the ongoing mantra of Bush Daddy and all his renegades is that they are "not going to die", for that is their "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15), which is based on their continuing their chemicalmonging practices of the Nicolaitans (Rev. 2:6,15). This abomination is probably the one with the "great mouth" that Daniel marveled at in Dan. 7:20. God is gathering all of these renegades, for they have all set traps for their own lives by embracing the utter falsehoods of Bush Daddy's tribe (Mic. 2:12; Prov. 1:18). Bush Daddy's claims that his reign began when he used a computer-modulated voice to play the role of "Deep Throat", who brought about the impeachment of Richard Nixon. BD trys to talk like Nixon was talking on those tapes too, for he thinks that tough profane talk makes him a "man".

Bush Daddy claims that someone down south has seized on the "murder-suicide" scenario that I addressed in "Ithaca's Coal-Gas Fiasco Continued!!" Id=93606 and taken it to new heights. You all know how sometimes a suicide is confirmed on the basis of a note that is left; but they will never reveal what was in the note. Well Bush Daddy claims that someone has done away with leaving the gun by an open door to convince authorities that a suicide has occurred. Something like this allegedly happened. A "friend" showed up to visit "x" and said that he needed to type something on "x's computer and proceeded to type: "To Whom It May Concern: I came to visit "x" and found the door open and this gun on the floor. I took the gun because it looks like "x" hurt himself with it. I'm taking off because I know you're all lawless as hell. Better check up on "x"; looks like he hurt himself bad! Of course you all know he was as suicidal as hell. Best wishes, An "x" friend" Can you imagine the discourse between "x" and "friend"? "Let me see what you typed there!" "If you insist, I'm really going to let you have it!" This is probably why suicide notes are never made public. How many "friends" you got?

Once these lawless renegades embraced such a degree of lawlessness, they set a trap for their own lives. In addition to their own tongues being turned against each other (Ps. 64:8), they will also have to contend with Israelites who have taken up the "sword", never to put it down (Mt. 26:52), knowing that they will die by the "sword" and that they will be back here in a few years for the first resurrection (Rev. 20:5). These lawless renegades have brought the "Dwelling of Violence" Id=44378 back on their own heads in more ways than one. In their ploy to become the meek ones who would inherit the earth by saying, "I care!", the renegades never considered that it wouldn't work if their folly was obvious to everyone. Better not tell them what's up just in case though. So goes life on this "hellbound train".

To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS As for gathering the lawless interlopers off IMC, last weekends shut-down was probably such an opportunity. It looked like professed persecuted people were trying to accuse IMC of discrimination while the complainers were the ones posting the discriminatory stuff. IMCs new guidelines probably make it possible to obtain the names, etc. of such interlopers for posting such stuff, yet IMC was shut down while they dickered about it. False accusations and falsehoods are also probably ripe grounds from exposing troublemakers, so maybe others will take care of them. Meanwhile Ohio Valley IMC is still inaccessible to me. What is happening there?

PPS (11/30) One way that you might prove that Bush Daddy's tribe is crazy and/or suicidal is to film their behavior and antics while you play them one of my songs (Ids=58354, 36001, or 31749 com. #2) or my poem (Id=71046) and inform them of who wrote them while they are playing. They are quite fanatical about their agreement to never listen to my words; thus they will probably try to "bury their heads in the sand". Now I don't know if this "suicide" business is legal; but this "Karl" of Madison has taken to calling a warning, a threat in the same way that Messiah Exarchou Id=62371 did with me in court. It has been the same in Seattle lately with commentors acting like Hooterville (Id=29190) is some lawless fabrication of mine. These are the festivals written of by Micah, Hosea, Amos, etc.. Contrary to the
lawlessness of Bush Daddy's renegades that they claim "No Body Is Going
to Do Nothing About" Id=41739; these festivals will be legal for they will be places of worship where the lawless ones will use their chemicalmonging ways to practice voodoo etc.. Their defense of boldface lies will gain them entrance to Hooterville where they will probably be greeted by "Manasseh" or "Benjamin", who will say, "Nice of you all to come and worship!"

The "Bogus Blue Moon..." Id=87001 took on a sinister note yesterday when they dumped enough oil on the steepest sharpest curve in Ithaca to cause me to wipe out on my bicycle. This was similar to the staged "accident" that put me in the Emergency Room of Georgetown Medical Center where they broke my fractured knee to get me into the operating room (Ids=42982 & 43171). In bike races this is the most likely spill to break bones, for the centrifugal force of the curve and the downward slope of the hill results in the body hitting the pavement with extreme force, force enough to rub the skin off the point of impact without tearing the clothes. The most commonly broken bones are probably the knee, the hip, the wrist, or the collarbone. I was up and back on the bike in three seconds; but that is what survival is about. You don't wait for them to take you to the hospital if you know what is in store for you there. Luckily I came out of it with a sore hip, knee, and shoulder only. Today I noticed that they had wiped up the oil with something that dissolved a two square foot section of the asphalt. It's enough to make me want to raze those houses and straighten that road. An immaculate "driveway" to Erza Cornell's "house" on the hill would come of that. So this bogus full moon of November is still on with the New York Times claiming that the moon will be full at 3:49 PM, having subtracted five hours instead of adding five hours to "Universal Time" as they usually do. Subtracting five hours from Universal Time will probably give them the time for Moscow. If this keeps up, it should probably triple the number of blue moons, for they are reserving the right to add or subtract 10 hours from the moon cycle.

Bush Daddy's tribe has been out in force on IMC, tampering with this article to jump in "line". UC IMC is as persistant as ever in supporting their false allegations and falsehoods about me. Maine, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and Buffalo are also using the lax security that allows interlopers to remove this article even if it is reposted. Nobody can prove their criminality; but they should not be allowed to retain their anonymity if they won't try to validate their actions. This lawlessness is probably a direct manifestation of the Storm Troopers; i.e. Secret Service. They have also gone about attempting to get rid of Congo IMC since I posted the news about the Anthrax-AIDS connection there. Note how these sweet people from UC IMC show up to offer "help". This blooming lawlessness never stops.

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