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Over 50 American Soldiers killed during Botched Attack on Helmand

What is really going on...
02 December 2001 : Over 50 American Soldiers killed during Botched Attack on Helmand
A large number of American troops backed by tanks and helicopters, launched a new attack on the 'strategic' city of Helmand. The Mujahideen awaited them patiently, and at the right time ambushed them using heavy artillery, BM rockets and ZSU-23 Anti-Aircraft guns in the area of Koumalk, south of Helmand, close to the River Douistan .
As a result of this offensive by the Mujahideen, around 80 US soldiers were killed, three tanks belonging to the United Nations (but used by the US) were destroyed, and two American Apache AH-64 helicopters were brought down, killing all occupants. All praise be to Allah who grants these victories.

A number of Mujahideen were injured during the attack, but were taken back to their base for treatment, along with significant hi-tech spoils of war. The whole operation was filmed and the video will be soon be made public insha-Allah to prove to the whole world, and especially the American people, the truth about the Afghan Jihad and the lies spread by the US government.

In a separate incident Saturday, the Mujahideen shot down an American warplane near Kandahar airport. As expected, this news was denied by the Pentagon, since American soldiers are never killed in combat, nor do they ever lose any aeroplanes nor equipment nor vehicles. The thousands of American soldiers killed in Vietnam was a myth.

The CIA continues to assist drug barons and highwaymen in order to cause disorder and try to destabilise the Taliban between Spin Boldak and Kandahar. The Taliban launched an attack around the mountain areas of Spin Boldak to crush this US-supported militia. Following the attack, approximately 100 of the enemy (composed mainly of drug dealers and highway robbers) as well as 17 of their US military 'advisors' were killed. These advisors organize the aerial cover and plan the militia's ground operations.

The Taliban reconfirm that the town of Spin Boldak is still under their control and that all is well. The Taliban has also set up special patrols to pursue and engage the remaining militia who were fleeing to the mountains in the east.

Since the arrival of the Northern Alliance in areas previously held by the Taliban, poppy cultivation has been started again on a very large scale (confirmed by the UN) with the encouragement of Americans. This higlights the hypocrisy and lies against the Taliban, who were accused by the West, of still cultivating and profiting from the Poppy farms. However, the reality is that the Taliban had completely banned the cultivation of the crop, thereby reducing the country's production by nearly 95%, and it was America's beloved Northern Alliance who were responsible for all the remaining production and trade. This was even confirmed by the United Nations.

The Taliban reported that they had carried out a lightening attack against the American forces in Shandan, which resulted in the deaths of well over 100 American soldiers. More details on this will be provided soon insha-Allah.

Human Rights 'Respected' in Mazar-i-Sharif

In the presence and auspices of American soldiers, the protectors of human rights, General Dostum walked over the bodies of the martyred Mujahideen in the prison fortress of Qala-e-Jhangi, while his soldiers drove tanks over their bodies to make sure they were dead. It is reported that an incredible number of rapes by his soldiers took place, also under the observation of US troops. These uncivilized soldiers were also seen by the whole world beating and shooting prisoners, kicking the bodies of the Mujahideen and even extracting the golden fillings from the mouths of Taliban who were martyred.

The soldiers of the Northern Alliance captured around 10 wives of the Foreign Mujahideen and raped them several times before making them slaves. These women were from families who had tried to cross over to Pakistan, but were prevented at the border by Pakistani troops under the orders of the US Government.

America and the whole world are accessories to these mutilations, massacres, rapes and mass injustices and owing to the fact that they are committed under their own eyes and protection. May Allah help all those who are oppressed.

The Mujahideen inform the people that they are well and remind the Muslims not to be deceived or depressed by reading the lies of the Western media. They ask all viewers to pass on the true information of the situation that they receive from the Internet, not to forget them and the people of Afghanistan in their duas and increase the duas against those who cause corruption and oppression on the Earth.

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