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Bank of America: Actions Continue

Come to the NE Grand and Multnomah Bank of America branch this Wednesday and say NO to torture, murder, fraudulent "science," and just plain bad business.
Campaign against the Bank of America, Stephens Inc and Huntingdon Life Sciences continues...

This week:
NE Grand and Multnomah Bank of America (part of the Kaiser Permanente building)
This week's action should be a nice contrast to last week's in Northwest Portland. Although the foot traffic was light, the tone was overwhelmingly optimistic from the passersby. Even a worker from a store across the street popped his head outside to cheer us on shouting "Close your accounts NOW!" Another man from Oregon City asked why he hadn't seen us in his town and shared words of encouragement. When one pedestrian insisted the Bank of America wasn't responsible for the activities of Huntingdon Life Sciences, an activist replied, "Our government says anyone who funds terrorism is also a terrorist..." Right on. The Bank of America and Stephens Inc are directly responsible for the terrorism of every dog, cat, monkey, bird, rabbit, mouse, etc inside the walls of HLS, and they will be held accountable!

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