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May Day 2002 Action Planning

The early bird catches the corporate worm!
Us Anarchists here in Long Beach, California have decided to make an
effort to consolidate the May Day demonstrations to San Francisco. We are
doing this so we can have mass numbers of people on the street so we can
have strength, and safety (Safety is in numbers). We contacted SF Art & Revolution and they are down for it. We have targeted this paticular city for because of it's large grass roots movement, and that it is one of the most successful port cities in Amerika. This May Day we need to stop fucking around and show the bastards in power that we are serious and we are organized. We decided to try to pull this off after our May Day was smashed by LBPD, when they attacked 125 black bloc kids in downtown mass arresting and injuring all ofem. We have mad numbers here in Long Beach and Los Angeles area, as well as in San Francisco. We are putting the call for people to organize fundraisers in
their areas now to raise money to rent buses for those who can't afford transportation. Also we are putting the call out for people to bring armor, gas masks, etc. We encourage everyone to distribute and learn the tactics of Body Hammer (You can get it on the web
at  http://www.devo.com/sarin/shieldbook.pdf). Whether you are non-violent
or militant be sure to bring protection cos police don't care if you are
or are not. This call is going out early so we can get prepared, and because a event this large requires a lot of organizing. If you are interested in networking and helping organize contact us. If you think a group in your area would be interested forward this to them.

The retreat is over!
Southern Kalifornia Anarchist Alliance
Contact:  globalizethis@corporatedirtbag.com