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Protest in Corvallis

Photo from a protest on Oregon State Campus which was calling for an end to US bombing.
Protest in Corvallis
Protest in Corvallis
Above is a photo from a protest I did in the Memorial Union Quad of Oregon State campus from 9am-12pm on Friday, November 9th. The text on my chest said: "REMEMBER", which coincides with the poem distributed in the quad that day:
Remember the Terrorists of the State
Remember Moses
who defied the global empire
for the freedom of his brethren
in the name of his God.
Remember Socrates
who tried to enlighten a state
but was poisoned
by their ignorance.
Remember Brutus and Cassius
who assassinated a tyrant
for a republic that never came
and power that never died.
Remember Jesus Christ
who loved a world
but loathed its state
which has yet to grasp his message.
Remember Ali Talib
who rejected wealth
in turn was rejected by statesmen
and slain by their poisonous sword.
Remember Olaf Trygvasson
who terrorized Britian's shores
and fell not in battle
but in cultural assimilation.
Remember William Wallace
who did fight the English
for his freedom
and that of his homeland.
Remember Daniel Shay
who led a rebellion
against a newfound state
for the promises it was founded on.
Remember Sojourner Truth
who rallied for the rights
she almost had in a state
which didn't want her to have them.
Remember the Haymarket 7
who fought for an eight hour work day
which two lived to see
and five were executed for.
Remember Joe Hill
who organized workers
sang folk songs
and was shot by the state of Utah.
Remember Emma Goldman
who taught of women's rights
birth control, anarchy, worker's rights
and was deported for her ambition.
Remember Lenin
who helped terrorize a tyranny
only to become the predecessor
of a new breed of tyrants.
Remember Gandhi
who originated the peaceful revolt
against a barbaric state
and somehow made it work.
Remember Mao Zedong
who fought bourgeoisie values
in a twenty year war to implement
totalitarian values instead.
Remember Martin Luther King Jr.
who had a dream for a state
tried to make that state his dream
but was killed by the nightmare it is.
Remember Fidel Castro
who led a revolution to instate communism
which now provides the best education
and health care ever in his country.
Remember Abbie Hoffman
who evolved a movement
fought a system stacked against him
and became a pariah for his actions.
Remember Ted Kaczynski
who fought against technology
who wanted to be alone in nature
but is now alone in a concrete cell.
Remember Timothy McVeigh
who destroyed a government building
acting for those the state destroyed
and was then destroyed by the state.
Remember Kevin Mitnik
who knew how to use a computer
was held without trial for years
because you can't be smarter than them.
Remember E.L.F.
who, like The Wobblies, Workers World Party,
A.L.F. and Carnival Against Capitalism
are terrorist organizations you may like.
Remember Reclaim the Streets
who is a terrorist group as of the 10th of May
because dancing in the streets
is illegal in America.
Remember Ossama bin Laden
who defied the global empire
for the freedom of his brethren
in the name of his God.
And remember today's terrors and
who suffered from them when
tomorrow's terrorists

On the reverse side were quotes denounces America's war and statistics of Afghanistan civillian deaths. Though the sensationalist value of this is lost in a photo I am still interested in people's opinions so please either post them here or e-mail me with comments or suggestions.

Thank you.

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Bravo Chris! 03.Dec.2001 08:45

_Krimson_ colin_boyd@hotmail.com

Glad to see you've still got it man! It's important in times like these. Sheep being as they are, everyone loves to rally around the flag.

!Excellent! job. Wish I could have been there to see it in person....