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Nature's workers organizing with the IWW

Nature's workers at the Division St. store are organizing for democracy and a living wage with the Industrial Workers of the World IU 660
Nature's workers at the Division St. store are organizing for union recognition with the IWW. An NLRB petition was recently filed and the vote should happen sometime during the next few months. Workers have been meeting reguraly for the past 4-5 months to address saftey concerns, low wages, the implication of the uniform policy, and a variety of other problems. Nature's is owned by Wild Oats, a Boulder, CO company which owns chains of natural foods retail stores across the country.
Many have seen the dehumanizing effects of corporate control over the organics industry, and workers at this store are no exception. Wild Oats sells it's products under a wishy-washy portrayal of sustainability, while simultaneously keeping it's employees in unsustainable living conditions. The turn-over rate at the store is extremely high.
Nature's workers chose the IWW because of it's highly democratic organizing structure. All decisions about the actions of the IU were decided solely by the employees. Dues are $6 a month for most employees, which goes directly to their organizing drive and to operating costs for the IWW. No one is paid to do this work.
Everyone is encouraged to visit the Division store and offer their support as they go into the voting process.

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