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Latest animal rights protest at BofA - photos

Animal rights protests at bank of america continue

Animal rights activists once again protested in front of the bank of america branch at 5th and Main from 11-1 this past tuesday. This is the latest action in an ongoing campaign to put pressure on bank of america to divest itself from HLS - huntingdon life sciences, the despicable company which tortures, mutilates and kills hundreds of animals a day in the name of science. . .psuedo science really, as the activists have made it quite clear that this psuedo science has little, if any benefit to humanity. What people do not realize, is the price humanity pays in its own heart in order to treat our brothers and sisters in such a horrific manner.

Though some people are upset by the graphic literature, that is nothing compared to the reality all the animals in such labs endure day after day. Only the walking dead can pass by with blinders on their eyes and see nothing, and the blatant torture depicted in the literature and the video that played over and over shows how spiritually bankrupt science, and its mechanistic worldview is.

Activists have vowed to keep up the protests until BofA divests from HLS.

ANIMAL CRUELTY 24.Apr.2006 10:59

Candise McCarthy

To all of the wonderful people who are fighting for animal rights. Thank you and I love you. The poor animals are suffering all over the world it is such a terrible thing. They are so innocent and deserving of our love.