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I am not with the United States!

The Bush administration in its latest act of consolidating it's power has taken the final step in setting up a Global Military Government that can, in complete secrecy, capture, try and execute anyone who stands in its way.
I am not with the United States!

This document is a call to world wide civil disobedience.

The Bush administration in its latest act of consolidating it's power has taken the final step in setting up a Global Military Government that can, in complete secrecy, capture, try and execute anyone who stands in its way.

Any legitimate peasant uprising against multi national corporate land and resource grabs can now be legally curtailed by simply labeling those peasants as terrorists. Especially when those peasants are forced to take up arms to defend themselves against local despots and death squads who are attempting to clear the land of any peasant title or claim.

The Nazi era lawyers and legal scholars convinced Hitler that it would be a better idea if the law was in place and the Jews counted (a service provided by IBM) so that there would be an orderly and legally respected process in the confiscation of Jewish and undesirable's property and businesses, while the Jews and undesirables were placed in slave labor camps run by companies like GM, Ford, Chrysler, I.G. Farben, Beyer and Messerschmitt.

This I contend, is exactly what the Multi National Resource companies have in mind for the weaker nations and their work force, just with out that messy Nazi edge. As Adam Smith once spouted proudly "Pay em enough to survive and reproduce" as we privileged Europeans and North Americans rub our hands together in glee over the cheaply produced goods on our store shelves every X-mas.

This behavior fits a pattern that has been played out time and time again. In modern times the US and European Nations have use the rule of law to exploit colonies and client states essentially stealing those nations resources. The most recent events in the US lead me to believe that George w. Bush is setting the stage with the 'War On Terrorism" for the "New World Order" his father coined after a similarly set up war a decade ago. Because the Bush Klan suborned of five supreme court justices who "hijacked election 2000, put in place radical right wing appointments, forced a massive tax cut for the rich, took complete unilateral international positions removed from any vague notions of sanity, made a mad dash into war, taking advantage of the population's shock over the events of September 11th. , required the corporate media to quash any dissent of this "new kind of war" same as the old war, had the Patriot Act rewritten at 3:30 in the morning and brought to a vote that passed the act before Senators and House members could reread it, had Attorney General John Ashcroft sneak new rules in to the federal registry completely eviscerating attorney/client privilege, and had President George W. Bush sign the executive order allowing the US military to try all foreigners accused of terrorism in complete secrecy, with out rules of evidence and with the ability to execute those convicted, it is difficult to believe that, considering the Bush Klan's history, there is benign meaning behind these actions that shred the constitution of the United States of America.

This is a global coup de tat and it must be met with global resistance.

If we do not do away with this imperialist behavior now, how is it we will be able to turn around our environmental situation let alone improve the social conditions for the weaker nations. If oil and coal economies continue to rise in the weaker nations, how will we prevent monopolization of those nations and their people by the Multi National Resource Companies. If we can not stop Peabody Coal from digging up Black Mesa and now Big Mountain, how do we expect to stop the complete corporate hegemony of the entire world.

We must now learn to sacrifice as much as those who have been bulldozed under by the greed of our European and North American societies. Sacrifice our material wealth, sacrifice our lives to raise human dignity so that we may all see the miracle in which we live.

I am not with the United States so therefore I must be with the terrorists and as I am a foreigner, a Canadian, I call on the Bush Administration to bring me before a military tribunal to try me and execute me.

Think Locally, Act Globally.
Happy Thanks Giving

Lloyd James Hart

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