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Bank of America: Torture is Bad Business

The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign shifts into 3rd. Check out the www.shacusa.net website for information on actions across the nation. Contact SHAC to help shut down HLS for good.
Bank of America:  Torture is Bad Business
Bank of America: Torture is Bad Business
The November 20th demo at Bank of America was one of an ongoing campaign to urge Bank of America to look to its heart. To either require its current mutual fund investment partner, Stephens Inc. of Little Rock, Arkansas, to call in its $35million in loans, sell its stock and cut its ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences ... or break Bank of America ties with Stephens Inc.

The ancillary mission to educate the public was fulfilled as activists talked with passersby who stopped to understand the animal screams coming from the TV set. As viewers saw beagle puppies being punched in the face and an unanesthetized monkey cut from groin to sternum, the idea that these activities were advancing science or human safety faded.

These educational demos have met increasing support and curiosity among the public. Even those who stop to say they have misgivings about doing away with research to advance medical science passionately disagree with animal testing of household products and pharmaceuticals. Bank customers went away both thoughtful and troubled.

We're hoping BofA recognizes a bad investment when they see one.

It's a matter of work. It's a matter of time. But, HLS, killer of 500 animals a day. Subject of 5 undercover investigations since 1981. Perpetrator of slop science. Will go down.

Next up: SHAC PDX. Stay tuned.

Below is an excerpt from the diaries of undercover agent Michelle Rokke:

Stephanie is the primary tech for study 3314. She showed me the study schedule and complained about how labor intensive it will be. The primates get dosed on Wednesday for the first time and every day after for three months.

Stephanie told me the test material is a nasal decongestant. She told me in the pilot study that was run on the primates in the Proctor and Gamble pharmacokinetic colony 94- 3221, the dose level was really high and they had a lot of trouble after dosing. There are memos about moribund monkeys and nothing in the protocol calling for euthanasia of suffering animals.

...The primates will be bled round the clock several times during the course of the study. Wednesday and Thursday, the first dose day are extremely brutal. They go through pre-test bloods, dosing, bloods one hour after dose, two hours after dose, four hours, eight hours, and twelve hours after dose, and ECG's.

...The technician who's dosing secures the primate's head with one hand and forces the dosing tube up the primate's nose and down into the stomach. Stephanie was very cautious before dosing. Every time she dosed a primate I was holding, she drew back on the syringe, several times if she had to, until she saw stomach contents. Then she would push the plunger and force the pale pink liquid into the primate's stomach. Kathy dosed so quickly, I don't ever remember seeing stomach contents before she dosed.

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacusa.net

Need Contact Info. for next protests at BOFA 24.Nov.2001 13:50


It would be real helpful for us other activists to know when the next protests are and/or are they ongoing at 5th and Main and/or at other BOFAs too OR just give us a contact number or update on either Indymedia or SHAC websites? I couldn't find this info. on the SHAC website currently. Thanks!!!

Next B of A Demo! - Tues, Nov 27th, 11am-1pm 24.Nov.2001 16:35

josie p-helix@usa.net

Next B of A Demo! - Tues, Nov 27th, 11am-1pm
Bank of America on NW 21st & Davis. Soon there will be a SHAC PDX, complete with contacts. Until then, you can contact me via email. Thanx for your interest!