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Ithaca's Coal-gas Fiasco Continued!!!

This is an update on what's been happening in this town that David Barry has been wondering about.
Once upon a time (I'm not making this up!) my Daddy said that
it looks like the stupidity that sustains the "Ithaca Coal-gas
Fiasco.." Id=73601 has prevailed once again. As you know, I
was working hard to inform the public that New York State
Electric and Gas was coming to a public meeting to defend
the trivialization of the greatest crime of all time; i.e. the
contamination of the entire earth with the byproducts of
coal-gassification. To spread the word I left 40 copies of
"Ithaca Coal-gas Fiasco Continues?" and a fist-sized piece of
coke at the local new earth cafe. Well there was this couple in
town, Joseph Linder and his wife, Janet Breslin, both 46, who I
had seen many times at the swimming pools. They seemed to
be very much in love, and I would see them walking crosstown
to or from Cornell, where they had both worked for
approximately seven years. They were both fanatical about
swimming, and they would swim both in the morning and at
noon at Cornell. After the asbestoes-throwing incidents
(Ids=85389 & 87001) at Cornell in mid-summer, they both
started using the outdoor city pools quite a bit. I explained the
coal-gas byproduct contamination in the waters of these pools
to them, and I presume that they had heard about the
asbestoes in the air at the pool at Cornell via someone that I
had talked to at Cornell. Whether they were actively opposed
to the lack of action on the coal-gas scenario or the
asbestoes-throwing scenario, I don't know. Maybe the lawless
ones just didn't like them because they were such good
people. Whatever the case, their bodies were found on the
morning of the October 16th "Coal-gas" meeting, dead from
the gunshot wounds of an alleged murder-suicide. As a result
of this nothing ever came of this meeting, and NYSEG
continues to "kick dirt around" on the wrong side of town.

This "murder-suicide" scenario appears to be an offspring of
the unsolved murders of creative nonviolence (Id=33468).
What the lawless ones probably don't understand is that they
are trying to close a case before it is ever opened; thus they
have to repeatedly reveal their criminal behavior in order to
justify their conclusions. In this case, both bodies were found in
bed, and an early press account revealed that the weapon, a
.308 caliber rifle was found by the door, which was unlocked.
This press account is similar to the journalistic "blunders" of
mistakenly revealing the truth in the first editions of the
Washington Post as I described in Ids=43171 & 42982. When
I went to review the papers that I had read in the libraries, I
discovered that the information about the gun being by the
door was missing in those papers. This is probably a trap for
this information to be missing from library copies, and anyone
who mentions this missing information would probably be
targetted. In the same way they are probably offering rewards
for any information on the terrorists (Ids=66464 & 66468), so
that they can eliminate people who know who the real terrorists
are. In light of this, I'd like to see the authorities demonstrate
how they could place the gun by the door after shooting
themselves in the head.

The lawless ones are apparently working as hard to keep this
"murder-suicide" story alive as they are to keep their "Bogus
Blue Moon.." Id=87001 alive. In light of these traps for anyone
who counters their falsehoods; it is probably best to
encourage them to publicize their falsehoods as much as
possible without countering them. Although this couple was
probably the most well-known on campus and in town, the
lawless ones have everyone acting like they never existed at
all. The prevalence of such a degree of lawlessness here
probably got a jumpstart when Bush Daddy and 27 people
butchered Sarah and Jennifer in Cortland County in October
1996 (Id=93509). You can see how there were probably 500
people supporting this lawlessness and spreading the lie that
Sarah and Jennifer had a problem the next morning, and how
the support for such lawlessness has continued to grow
exponentially since then. They probably continue to maintain
that Sarah and Jennifer had a problem even if Sarah and
Jennifer were doing the same thing that I did every day in DC
for six years (Id=76394). The reign of Bush Daddy's
lawlessness grew of his "Persian Gulf War Delusions.."
Id=36001. It seems like this lawlessness has prevailed since
they covered up Elijah's arrival here in November 1995
(Id=29190), or maybe since the murder of Senator John Heinz

Since the autopsies for this couple were performed in
Binghamton, the stronghold of "...Messiah Exarchou.."
Id=62371, you can be sure that they supported whatever the
Ithaca authorities supported. You can also be sure that
Dryden's Messiah, the university Messiah, and the town
Messiah all supported or were directly responsible for this
"murder-suicide" scenario (Id=43985). As with the sudden
death of the woman who worked in asbestoes-contaminated
Dean's office, "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It!"
Id=41739; that is unless these lawless ones succeed in
bringing the "Dwelling of Violence" Id=44378 back on their
own heads. These holy-wannabes actually think that they are
God's chosen people (Titus 1:16), and they believe that they
are doing God a favor by killing like this (John 16:2).

The Zionistic Pro-gay Coprophagic mainstream media will
support this lawlessness no matter what. It seems like the
depraved indifference to human life that is characteristic of the
coprophagists (Id=32589)has taken hold throughout the
country. The school newspapers in this town are just as bad,
for they focus on stuff like "Dr. Ruth" convincing the students
that sex is what college is all about. They are also helping the
lawless ones by surpressing the truth until the semester ends,
so that truthseekers might be targetted and/or eliminated
during the semester breaks when there is no college
newspapers. The Ithaca Journal is in the habit of running
pictures of law enforcement officers whenever there is a
murder, suicide, or dead body. This is really probably an
attempt to prevent valid investigations, for a lot of people will
know someone by sight only and have valid information on
what happened if they were aware of who the victims were.
Whatever the case, a crime scene like this alleged
"murder-suicide" is probably never appropriately documented
or investigated because the lawless ones are on hand
asserting their professed intelligence and intimate knowledge
of what happened, for they are probably trying to cover up their
own involvement and criminality. Ungodly men, crept in
unawares and defiled this place (Jude 4). I believe that Joseph
and Janet were of the tribe of Joseph and that they would not
hesitate to tell any of these lawless ones that their game is up
(Id=45696). They rest in their beds who walk in their
uprightness, for to such belongs the kingdom of God (Is.
57:1-2; Mark 10:14). Although the stupidity that allows things
such as the Coal-gas fiasco to continue may have won a
round, the Israelites are never going to get shook about it,
theirs is a kingdom that cannot be shaken (Heb. 12:28). Their
work lives on after them. God bless the Israelites.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf

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