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Portland Police Rebuff F.B.I.

Acting police chief, Andrew Kirkland makes courageous decision to follow the law, while Kroker on vacation... will it still stand when the boss man returns, and did anyone check with mama Vera.
It was reported by Fox Butterfield, in the New York Times today, Nov. 21, 2001, that the Portland Police Dept. will not assist the FBI in questioning 200 young middle eastern men, as ordered by Attorney General John Ashcroft.

"Mr. Kirkland said Oregon law prohibited the local police from questioning immigrants when they were not suspected of any crime and the only issue under discussion was their foreign citizenship."

"But the F.B.I. list, he said, contained "no specifics" about what crimes the 5,000 men might be involved with, saying only that they had come to this country in the last two years on student, tourist or business visas from countries with suspected terrorist links. The department also received a list of questions about the men's activities and knowledge of terrorist groups, he said."

"Mr. Kirkland, who is black, said his own background had also played a role in his decision. "I grew up in Detroit," he said,"and I hated the police with a passion. They were always stopping and bothering me."

"Charles Gorder, an assistant United States attorney in Portland, said he could not comment on the decision by the police. But Mr. Gorder, who is coordinator of the local F.B.I. joint terrorism task force, said, "We will get the interviews done," suggesting that F.B.I. agents would do the questioning themselves. "We do not think there any violations of state or federal law," Mr. Gorder added."

This is all very interesting, especially when papa Kroker returns and Charlie starts crying about how Officer Kirkland isn't playing along with the PJTT (Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force).

Citizens of Portland, who appreciate police that respect them and the law, should call and commend Officer Andrew Kirkland for this decision. It takes courage to make the right decisions and not just "go along" in times like these.

Gee Officer Kirkland might make a great leader of the police department... what am I thinking... not while Vera's around, she likes 'em docile.
Not Kirkland's decision 21.Nov.2001 11:43


The Oregonian reported that the decision was made late last week by Kroeker, city attorneys, and presumably Vera as well. And please, let's not fall all over ourselves thanking them for following Oregon law. Sheesh.

way to go, andrew kirkland 21.Nov.2001 12:35


At least Kirkland had the courage to stand up and recognize the law. We are in a period in this country when the federal government is blatantly abusing civil rights laws. I give props to Mr. Kirkland for being able to stand up to Ashcroft et al and refuse to participate in their Nazi tactics. I don't think there are a lot of government officials who are willing to do that at this time. Sure, I don't always agree with the policies and procedures of the Portland Police. However, when a public official behaves in an ethical and courageous way, he or she should be commended for it. We need more public officials like Andrew Kirkland.

again, not Kirkland's decision 21.Nov.2001 13:09


Which part of "this was not Kirkland's decision" is difficult to understand?