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Cuba: an Eyewitness Account--Presentation on Wednesday for FREE

Nikki Thanos to speak and present slides by Leo Gorman
The Rearguard Presents:

Cuba--Another Revolution? Economic Reorganization, Organic Agriculture and Culture in Contemporary Cuba.

A presentation by Nikki Thanos and photography by Leo Gorman AND guest speaker Miguel Viciendo, visiting Research Librarian/Historian from the Rubin Martinez Villena Provencial Library in Havana.

Nikki will address the embargo, the revolution, and Cuban national policies, with special focus on the "invisible" economic and agricultural revolution that is transforming the way Cubans live.

Nikki is a young, energetic speaker with extensive travel and work experience in Latin America. Her recent work has focused on environmental justice advocacy and the student anti-sweatshop movement. Her forthcoming book, entitled "Trouble in Paradise: Globalization and the Environment in Latin America", will be available in the fall of 2002.

6PM Wednesday, November 21. Browsing Lounge, Room 238, Smith Center, Portland State University, located at
1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR. Call 503-725-2965 for info.