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Coalition Against Hate Crimes Denies Volksfront Membership

The Coalition Against Hate Crimes Deines Local European-American organization "Volksfront" Membership.
On 11-16-01 the Coalition Against Hate Crimes denied local pro-White group Volksfront membership in the coalition. Volksfront formerly a more radical group has attempted to change tactrics and try a more legal and public approach than they used in their early days. Volksfront works hard discouraging bias crimes by White youth who often feel that is their only means of political expression.
It is interesting that a group against hate crimes like the CAHC who has worked hard to get groups to quit violent tactics suddenly denies the Northwest's largest European-American organization when they agree to help stop hate crimes. By attempting to join with other cultural, religious government groups to help work on this important issue most people would view it as a victory over hate crimes to have a pro-White group stand against them as well.
The CAHC was apparently split on the decision but pressure from governmental groups forced the steering commitee to deny VF membership. Volksfront undoubtedly has more knowledge of hate crimes than all the organizations on the commitee combined. Their knowledge and contacts among certain segments of our society would be invaluable in combatting crimes based on hate and bias. If the true agenda of the CAHC is to fight hate crimes one must wonder how in good conscious they could deny any group who had the ability to assist. As Oregonians we must ask ourselves what is their true motivation and true agenda.
Volksfront will continue to apply for membership in the CAHC. It looks to be a long and very interesting debate which will help shape the future of our community. The CAHC webpage is linked to the Oregon Spotlight web page.

homepage: homepage: http://www.volksfront-usa.org
address: address: pob 18291, Salem, Or, 97305

They doubt your sincerity 18.Nov.2001 02:16


I guess a coalition against "hate crimes" likely is reluctant to include a known or perceived former generator of "hate crimes" into their planning and decision-making process.

A coalition, by definition, seeks to be as broad-based as possible, so the inclusion of an apparent white separatist organization could easily undermine that implied goal of diversity.

Surely if you are sincere in your goal of violence prevention you can find creative ways of accomplishing this without the cooperation of the coalition.

Don't ya HATE being discriminated against! 18.Nov.2001 03:51

Dance dancing@theedgeoftheknown.com

I'd say, if CHAC was "split" in its decision on whether or not to include Volksfront, that suggests that, collectively at least, they're open-minded and not making any knee-jerk decision in either direction. As jjjunkyard suggests, It's not an easy call what a coalition ought to do in such a circumstance.

Surely the Volksfront people must know that confronting one's own fears and prejudices (whether completely, somewhat, or not-at-all understandable, rational, or justified) can be a long and difficult process. And my deciding that I tolerate or love someone else does not make them tolerate, love, or trust me. It just doesn't work that way; at least not overnight. Sometimes tolerance requires patience, and complete tolerance includes tolerance of others' intolerance.

I try to be tolerant of racists and bigots, as long as their prejudice is not overtly hurting others. While "doing the right thing" often means standing up to ignorance, injustice, and hate, the only way we can give people space to grow is by being tolerant and forgiving of them for their ignorance and misdeeds. It seems the best we can hope for is to continue to provide the best model for each other of acceptance and forgiveness. And when it doesn't "get" us the acceptance we hope for, we must redouble our efforts to be the perfect model.

I wish it were as easy to do as it is to write words about it! Thanks for engaging in the struggle!!

Volksfront is a hate group 19.Nov.2001 09:34

Antiracist portland_antiracists@hotmail.com

I don't know who the Coalition Against Hate Crimes is, but Volksfront is a neo-nazi hate group. They have invited Tom Metzger to speak in Portland in December. The last time Metzger spoke in Portland he advocated for violence against minorities which led, in fact, to the death of an Ethiopian man. Organize to make this sort of nazi scum unwelcome in your neighborhood.

Volksfront just a front for bigotry 19.Nov.2001 12:25


Looking at the Volksfront homepage is enough to determine what Volksfront is all about. Under a heading of "Martyrs," Volksfront lists Rudolf Hess, infamous Nazi leader, among other Nazi officers and known racists. The Volksfront is such a blatantly racist group that it makes me sick. And to think that they wanted to join an organization dedicated to the elimination of racist violence!! See for yourself, www.volksfront-usa.org.
The Volsfront is nothing more than a white supremacy group dedicated to preserving and protecting "white" racsist ideology. And to think that the JTTF is investigating the likes of Craig Rosenbaugh and Co!?

ARA is on da' prowl... 19.Nov.2001 13:34


A Local call ara group received an email from volksfront recently, and they mentioned that they were joining a local anti-hate crimes group. We didn't believe them, but I guess they tried. This is obviously just a tactic to try to shift the focus of the hate and violence their message breeds onto other anti-racist groups. Their email suggested that ARA and other groups were instigators and hate mongers...yeah...anyway, the arapdx kids still remain on the prowl making it safer around mosques and other 'trouble areas' and will remain a presence on the streets...


Volksfront is full of BS 19.Nov.2001 17:58

Aaron G. portlandantiracist@hotmail.com

What a joke! These guys go around to shows and other places beating up (or trying) anyone who openly opposes their fascist agenda. This is just a sickening attempt at media attention and to throw people off their true agenda of a nazi homeland. The are outright nazis, there is no question about it and this is just a propaganda ploy by them to throw people off the scent. I fully support the ARA and their methods of exposing and combatting these COWARDLY BONEHEAD SCUM! NO FREE SPEECH FOR FASCISTS!

Well, That Leaves Out About Everybody 19.Nov.2001 20:01


"I guess a coalition against "hate crimes" likely is reluctant to include a known or perceived former generator of "hate crimes" into their planning and decision-making process."

So I assume no Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Socialist or Christian groups are allowed in, either?

don't we want change 20.Nov.2001 01:08

the Rev

Good point Plopo. If we judge all groups on past actions the united states government which is heavily represented on the commitee committed genocide against American Indians which is at least equitable to the nazi holocaust. And while we are examining it shouldn't we examine the bloody and intolerant past of christianity. My opinion is that if these people want to clean up their act and for once do something for the community we should encourage them instead of keeping them in the dark where hate thrives, after all isn't that what most of us want, a peaceful just society? Maybe allowing them on the coalition would do them some good by getting them in contact with other cultures and beliefs. Hate breeds hate, by hating them and excluding them we fuel their cause.....

Volksfront is still a hate group 20.Nov.2001 09:49

Antiracist portland_antiracists@hotmail.com

Volksfront is clearly conducting a disinformation campaign with the original post. They have no intention of changing there stripes. All you have to do is look at there actions. They are conducting a recruiting campaign by touring hatemonger Tom Metzger. Similar actions in the past have led to racist violence and will do so again if we don't put a stop to them.

As for the post about Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. That's pure rhetorical nonsense. If Christians commit hate crimes, you don't exclude other Christians from organizing to prevent hate crimes. But why would you tell the specific perpetrators of previous crimes how you planned to stop them in the future? Give the nazis the boot.

IS Volksfront a terrorist group? 13.Dec.2001 15:42

Randy Blazak cfrb@pdx.edu

It is true that the CAHC was very divided on Volksfront's application. I, for one, thought it might be interesting and be part of the process of turning Randall Krager into am anti-racist. Having him at the table with Jewish and gay groups might shatter some of those simplistic stereotypes racist hold. It would have least been fun to have a picture of RK with a bunch of civil rights activists to post on Nazi websites. It should be noted that in his application, RK tried to distance VF from Intimidation 1 claiming he had no relationship with Nazis like that. Not surprising that Intim 1 played at Kragor's Eric Banks memorial.

There are two real reasons the VF application was rejected. 1) No actual person applied. It was just a bunch of annonymous emails (like a terrorist organization). When I suggested RK meet with the CAHC Outreach person to go through a formal application process, he gave up. Some Viking. 2) One look at the VF website and the hosting of WAR's Tom Metzger is all the evidence you need to see that VF's mission is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the CAHC's. They are a hate group, we are an anti-hate group.

The CAHC defends white men every day. It is part of our human rights declaration. White men are humans. But Volksfront has no legitimacy whatsoever in the civil rights community. Any legitimacy they hoped to gain was erased by bringing WAR's "idea terrorist" to Portland. VF never really wanted to be on the CAHC (since they have now labeled it a "criminal, communist Jewish front"). They just wanted to create something to whine about. "Poor white nazis, boo hoo."

We are open to honest dialogue. I would still be interested in letting VF address the CAHC (but it takes more than my vote - we are democratic). But as long as VF hides in its Viking cave, it will never be taken seriously as a civil rights group. And sending spys as "ARA" to CAHC meetings doesn't count.

I really thought we could have an open honest dialogue with VF, but it seems impossible. I guess I was a chump to think RK was serious.