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Demo to Cut the $Lifeline of Huntingdon Life Sciences

Tuesday, November 20,
11am - 1pm
Bank of America
SW 5th and Main
You thought it was over? Not even close. As long as HLS is still standing, we'll be knocking on their front door as well as the doors of those who keep them in "business." We won't quit until every animal inside their cement lab walls are free!

It is more imperative than ever that we show HLS, Stephens Inc, and the Bank of America we're not going anywhere until they figure out that torturing animals is bad science and bad business.

Come to the SW 5th and Main Bank of America from 11-1 this Tuesday, November 20th for a day of action and re-education. Help Bank of America decide to become a better corporate citizen by choosing a mutual fund investment partner that, unlike Stephens Inc., does not invest in torture.

Bring signs if you have 'em, lots of people, and the mentally engrained images of beagle puppies being punched in the face and monkeys being fully conscious while being sliced open!

Come say NO.

For more info about the campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences, visit  http://www.shacusa.net.
...middle of the day 18.Nov.2001 22:56

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

i am happy that they have these actions, but wish there were also ones more in the later afternoon for us who have to work for the man during those hours.