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America's Dummy "Line"

"Some folk say that the Dummy wouldn't run. Come and let me tell you what the Dummy's done!" ("Songs.." Id=58354) (Confidential to "please": please don't read!)
My Daddy says that there is not much hope that they will stop at using the deteriorating condition of defective skyscrapers as a way to eliminate people who they didn't like and to start a war to glorify Bush Daddy's illiterate kid (Id=90816). So we can expect more of the same. Just like the fare-jumpers who used to jump on the Dummy Line train, not knowing that they were in for the "ride of their lives", the Americans who have listened to the falsehoods of Bush Daddy's Tribe have gotten in line for their own death (Prov. 11:19). These lawless ones will assure you that they are not going to die, probably because they have concluded some inane covenant with death (Is. 28:15); plus God contends that they are destined to seek death and not find it (Jer. 8:3). Lets look at some recent observations as these renegades of Bush Daddy's revolt of Jacob (Mic. 1:5) try their hardest to convince anyone and everyone that their professed intelligence is what is going to carry the day.

Bush Daddy claims that the Secret Service has been trying to get the script that will convince doubters that his kid is literate since his kid may actually have to prove that he is literate. SS probably wants to teleprompt this text to the kid. I say that the way to go about this is to convince them that there is portion of the brain that lights up to signify that a person is literate and that they have to take it out and hold it in the dark to test for literacy. You never know how stupid they are until you test them.

Meanwhile back at the hashish farm (Id=74087), there is a war going on. Either that or they are building a highway in the mountains of Afghanistan; and I hear that they are dropping lots of food packets to placate the natives too. As you know from what I have revealed about "Persian Gulf War Delusions.." Id=36001; Saddam Hussein was probably in league with the Zionists to decimate the allied forces that went to the Persian Gulf. Since Saddam is known as a secular Muslim, I suspect that the same is afoot in Afghanistan now with the Taliban and bin Laden. I wrote about secular Muslims in 1998, revealing that many of the people who I encountered when I was unlawfully hospitalized in 98 & 99 were also with a group of secular Muslims that I had observed marching in DC in the mid 90s. Many of them claim to be Christians, probably for the purpose of infiltrating Christian churches. Whether they are wearing Muslim garb or not, they are probably Zionists supporting this perverted form of Zionism that plagues the earth. By questioning them one can determine whether or not they are sincere about what they profess to be (1 John 4:1). The quality of the propaganda that describes what is happening in Afghanistan is so poor that it seems like they are making this stuff up as the situation merits. Let them all hightail it to that wall over there in that holy city, and that bin Laden dude will appear like magic (Id=64528). Does our army want to be the last one to show up there (Luke 21:20)?

As for the "Bogus Blue Moons of Bush Daddy's Tribe" Id=87001, I received another calender, 2002, with only one full moon for December 2001. The New York Times further contends that the alleged second full moon of November 2001 will occur at 3:49 PM on 11/30. How they came up with that day and hour, I will probably never be able to figure out, for they are actually making time go backwards to come up with that. As I recall the full moon will occur at 21:49 hours Universal Time on 11/30, and the NYT has always correctly calculated such to be 12:49 AM or 1:49 AM 12/1 in similar cases.

In some of my later postings of "Anthrax: An Ancient Scourge" Id=82672, I mentioned that I suspected that the New York Daily News and other papers in this town had been contaminated with Anthrax spores. If you have experienced the tell-tale instantly debilitating feeling of Anthrax exposure while reading the paper, it may be that the same is true in your case. It baffles me that they would do something that might destroy their main conduit for the Zionistic Pro-gay Coprophagic garbage that is the mainstream media. Maybe this is a case of their own tongues turning against them (Ps. 64:8).

On the computer I have found that there are plenty of opportunities springing up for the hunted to be hunting the "..Hunters" RM IMC Id=894. On www.google.com. I have found that a lot of sites have links to my articles under ""Israel" Deaf Messenger"; but it seems like the more controversial articles have been removed from the listings. By whom? I looked for information about Hooterville, finding that there were links to the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190 there; plus I learned that Norm Nash probably got the name "Hooterville" from "Petticoat Junction". However there was nothing on the sacred shrines of America's Israel in Hooterville nor was there anything about the tribes of Benjamin or Manasseh in relation to Hooterville either. It also seems like interlopers have listed 100,000s of links for impertinent Biblical information about these tribes in order to prevent these tribes from establishing any valid contacts via computer. What's funny is that there is actually some pornographic advertisements for the Love Festivals of Hooterville. In all I conclude that a surefire way to attract the attention of these interlopers is to establish web links that address the Love Festivals of Hooterville in relation to the prophecies of Hosea, Micah, and/or Amos and/or the tribes of Manasseh and/or Benjamin. If interlopers from Bush Daddy's Tribe have been tampering with such listings, won't they be surprised to find that they have been laying in wait for their own blood (Prov. 1:18)?

In fulfillment of Isaiah 13:12, it seems like the number of people who have gotten in "line" to die for the falsehoods of Bush Daddy's Tribe will ensure that man becomes scarcer than pure gold in this country. Trust no one, especially when there are many people clamoring for you to join them in questionable pursuits, for in this way God is fulfilling His promise to gather all of Bush Daddy's Tribe (Mic. 2:12). No matter how tempting it may be, don't get on the "Dummy Line".

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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"Anti-spam" promotes death via Ignornance 18.Nov.2001 11:08

Bob na

Dear "anti-spam"; Insecure, immature "anti-spam" tell us your name. Do you know that the unwarranted removal of articles that provide lifesaving information is probably a serious crime? It is life-threatening. It is interfering with international communications. It is probably at least a Class B Felony. Better go talk to your friends at UC IMC and your Attorney General. Bob