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Local Buddhist Peace Fellowship Chapter Forming

A meeting to discuss the formation of a Portland Metro Buddhist Peace Fellowship will be held on November 30. All who are interested in issues of peace are welcome.
This meeting on Friday, November 30 will go from 7 pm to 9 pm. It will be held at the Portland Dharma Center, 2514 SE Madison.

To become involved in a local Buddhist Peace Fellowship chapter, you do not need to be Buddhist, or a member of the national Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Please bring your ideas, hopes, and aspirations regarding issues of peace. This meeting will mostly consist of planning the new chapter's structure and completing the application to become a chapter. There will be time for ideas for future action by the chapter.

To keep informed and to engage in discussion, join this Yahoo group:


For alternative transportation, a bike rack is available. The Hawthorne bus #14 stops one short block away. Also within 10 minute walks are Belmont line #15 and Division #4.

Please be considerate in parking, and do not park in front of private residences, especially do not park on SE 25th between Hawthorne and Madison. You may use the Artisan Dental Laboraties parking lot, the Safeway Northwest Credit Union parking lot, and the Dental Clinic parking lot, all at 25th and Hawthorne.

address: address: PO Box 14613, Portland, OR 97293

Right On 17.Nov.2001 16:30

Nature Boy

Right on, even though I probably won't be able to make the meeting, it is a great idea. It is also great that someone in the indymedia scene actually gave directions to where an event will be happening not to mention bus info for us anti-car owners. I miss half the events in this city due to people not giving directions or more than a day's notice(hint, hint). We can learn alot from this person.

wrong url! 20.Nov.2001 09:50

andy nonoboy@peak.org

I tried the site and couldn't find it. But I found this, I think this is the correct URL -

wrong url X2 21.Nov.2001 00:59

andy nonoboy@peak.org