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Is War the Answer? Portland Peaceful Response Teach-in this Saturday

Is War the Answer? A Day of Dialogue presented by Portland Peaceful Response
Saturday, Nov. 17th, 1 to 6PM
First Unitarain Church at SW Salmon and 12th, downtown Portland
$5 - 20, no one turned away, child care provided, for info call 503.223.1399
The event will begin with a keynote panel from 1 to 3PM:
Professor Zaher Wahab: "Eyewitness in Afghanistan"
Professor Laurie Mercier: "Is Afghanistan our next Vietnam?"
Goudarz Eghtedari: "Clash of Civilizations?"
Stephen Goldberg, JD "Towards a Just Resolution"

The panel will be followed by workshops (3 to 5.30PM) on oil politics, humanitarian relief, Comparacy of Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq, lessons from Vietnam, US military complex, Israel/Palestine, the US "Patriot Act", Immigrant and civil rights, non-violent response, creative organizing, coorporate response (M. Hart-Landsberg), Debt, AIDS and Poverty, Western (mis) perceptions of the "Middle East"

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandpeacefulresponse.org