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how to read al-jazeera news (for english)

here is one way to get the al-jazeera website translated until they put up their planned english language version.

1. go to http://tarjim.ajeeb.com/ajeeb/default.asp?lang=0

2. fill in any old url in the translation field and hit "translate" ... this is to get you to the registration page. from here, you will need to fill out the account (using bogus info of course) and use cookies to allow it to remember you.

3. now go to the first page again and enter http://aljazeera.net/ in the translation field and hit "translate"

4. there you go. the translation is a little rough but you get the idea.

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This only works in IE
by zogren November 15 2001, Thu, 7:22am

Just a warning for people trying to view Al Jazeera. The Translation site only works on IE since it is heavily javascript based. Also they have started requiring you to register. Registration is free but you have to agree to a pretty strange agreement about being monitored; there is no email verification of anything so there is no need for any of the information you enter to be correct.

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by mkultra November 15 2001, Thu, 8:11am

Once you're registered, this link takes u directly to Al Jazeera.

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by hmmm November 15 2001, Thu, 8:18am

zogren, are you some kind of microsoft plant??
i'm using the latest mozilla on win2k and it works fine!

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Post the versions of browsers that work
by zogren November 15 2001, Thu, 7:14pm

I'm running linux at home with Netscape 4 and I cant even see the logon page. If you know of other browsers that work with the Al Jazeera site can you post them as comments to this article.