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Starbuck's campaign comes to Portland Sat.

A local action, as part of an international campaign targeted at Starbuck's, will occur Saturday at 3535 NE 15th, Portland, from 11AM to 1PM.
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering is working to achieve a second major victory in its campaign to remove genetically engineered ingredients from our food supply. The first victory occurred Tuesday, November 13, when Trader Joe's announced it would remove GE ingredients from its store brands. The announcement came after a year of pressure from a coalition of groups, including NWRAGE.

The other major campaign we are working on targets Starbucks, in coalition with groups around the world. We are asking this corporation to stop using genetically engineered (GE) ingredients in its products, to pledge to never use GE coffee, to start brewing and actively promoting Fair Trade coffee in its cafes, and to follow through completely and transparently on a previous agreement to improve the working conditions on the coffee plantations which supply them with coffee.

Starbucks has taken several half-steps toward this goals already, in response to our pressure. They are starting to buy and promote more Fair Trade Coffee, and they are offering rBGH free milk as an option (albeit charging more for it).

Join us Saturday, November 17, 11AM to 1PM at the NE 15th and Fremont location, to encourage Starbucks to go completely free of genetically engineered food, and to follow through on their promises regarding Fair Trade coffee.

Feel free to bring signs, banners, costumes and kids.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org/action.html
phone: phone: 503.239.6841