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Hole in the Headwaters needs HELP!

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 11:53:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Darryl Cherney < badger@asis.com>

Here's a quick down and dirty on the Hole in the
Headwaters campaign.
Forwarded Message-
Subject: update--Hole in Headwaters
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 11:53:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Darryl Cherney < badger@asis.com>

Here's a quick down and dirty on the Hole in the
Headwaters campaign.
Hotline number is 707/825-6598. Live human found
occassionally at 707/825-9248. Feel free to forward this email.

1) Base camp has been moved to Swimmer's Delight,
Campsite 27. Take 101 to Hwy 36 (20 mi. so of Eureka). Go east 9 miles past
Martin and Shirley's Store. Look for brown and camping signs and turn
right into Swimmer's Delight. Make first left into old growth redwoods,
drive all the way to structures and look for site 27 to north (left) of
bathrooms. Please bring no dogs, as that is what forced us to move from
Grizzly Creek. Dogs=no forest defense. Got it?

2) Logging is frantic with dozens of loggers massacrering the majestic 75
year old redwoods just to the north of the ancient Headwaters grove and
within the boundaries of the Headwaters preserve. Actions are ongoing.
Come up anytime to participate. There have been 2 Sunday hikes to the Hole
in the Headwaters and 2 gate protests, including one by nine bare-breasted
women invoking the Goddess and God in all of us, including the timber
workers. Logging was delayed 2 hours. Media coverage went national. But
there needs to be more pressure if this area is to be preserved.

3) SLAPP suit. Yes, Pacific Lumber has filed a second
lawsuit against protesters, this one for simply standing near the gate
that leads to the Hole in the Headwaters. PL security thug "Nazi Carl" Anderson made citizens' arrests on 9 people not breaking any laws
just so PL could sue them. Do not let this deter this. A counter-suit can
be filed and MAXXAM/PL has some deeeeep pockets. Protest the logging, get illegal sued, sue 'em back, make Hurwitz and the Sheriff testify
under oath and make some retire money off the bastards. We have a legal team to
assist in case you're caught in this scam trap of MAXXAM's. This is a
clear violation of the first amendment of the Constitution.
Counter-suits have already been filed in the first SLAPP suit against Mattole forest defenders.

4) Organizer types needed. Media hounds, phone tree-climbers,
money-grubbers, and the most un-appreciated job of
all, meeting circle facilitators are needed in a hurry.

4) Funds are desparately needed. Send to Earth
First!, Box 28, Arcata, CA 95518.

phone: phone: 707/825-6598.