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March for Social Justice, Corvallis

Friday, the 16th of November at 12:30p.m. in the Memorial Union Quad on Oregon State Campus, there will be an organized march for social justice taking place. Please come and show your support.
March for Social Justice, Corvallis
March for Social Justice, Corvallis
Pictured are a few members of the upcoming March for Social Justice who attended a sign making gathering earlier today...

For those who missed the introduction, Corvallis is having a March for Social Justice on Friday the 16th of November. It will be coinciding with the Ottowa anti-WTO/IMF demonstrations as well as the School of Americas protests however it is not confined to simply those topics. Other things that will be noted are calls for an end to US bombings, human rights and, well, whatever anyone who shows up wants to contribute.

The March will start on Oregon State Campus in the Memorial Union Quad at 12:30p.m. and will then go down Monroe Avenue, across Fourth Street to gather on the Court House lawn with a die-in (may have been done quite a bit in Stumptown and Salem but we rural Corvallis folk have yet to organize one... ). Any costumes/flyers/puppets/instruments are encouraged!

Anyone is welcome to make the drive down to Corvallis and participate in this march if nothing comes to be in PDX, or even if there is something in PDX you can come march with us... Oregon State is one of the most conservative campuses I've ever been on/heard of and the more people we can get to show students that political events are happening around them the better off we'll all be. I've certainly made the drive from here to Portland for more than a few marches, if you could contribute your thoughts and numbers to ours we'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Chris Pangle