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Can Chicago Be Saved?

Extreme censorship of my articles on Chicago IMC and surrounding IMCs is similar to that on NYC IMC prior to the WTC disaster. Since the deteriorating condition of defective skyscrapers was used as an opportunity to eliminate people who they didn't like and to start a war to glorify Bush Daddy's illiterate kid, God knows what they plan now. Portland IMC's pages being inaccessible is probably a sign that they are working on a lot of places. Keep the lines open. Check your skyscrapers too.
My Daddy said that the suppression of "Bogus Blue Moons of Bush Daddy's Tribe" Id=87001 by Chicago IMC last night is probably a sure indication that the lawless ones are up to no good in Chicago. In spite of posting this under various titles from Ids=6073 to 6130, the article was still not listed this morning. I also told Chicago that the steaks were good; but I doubt if they understood that the ranchers were probably slaughtering livestock to reduce the chance of infection with "Anthrax: An Ancient Scourge" Id=82672. Chicago has removed ten or more of my recent articles with nary a comment, and I believe that this is a sure sign that the lawless ones are targetting that place for something akin to the World Trade Center disaster or worse. This is similar to what was happening on NYC IMC prior to the World Trade Center disaster and resulted in my posting "Do Something! Quick!" Id=62855 in NYC under a different title, which is listed below, along with an excerpt:

Pandemonium Starts With NYC IMC
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 2:15pm Thu Sep 13 '01 Id=10028 NYC IMC
address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca NY 14851 phone: na

NYC IMC has backed up this lawlessness from day one. For what it is worth, here is what I have written about the NYC scenario.

"...On many IMC sites I am finding that unauthorized volunteers are assuming the role of censors and removing a significant portion of the postings from the listings. Since these posts are still available via Id#s, that means that they were probably unauthorized removals. NYC, Richmond, Atlanta, Houston, Vancouver, Montreal, and UK IMCs are among the worst. (It also seems that a lot of sites have different formats with the formats that get the most exposure being without all critical articles.) The people who are doing this probably have no legitimate authority to do so, and there are security measures that can be implemented to prevent this. It is also probable that the restricted access codes of the Storm Troopers of America are what enable these "volunteers" to do this; plus the Troopers probably ensure that security measures are not implemented. These lawless ones seem to be the only ones who get comments posted also. Go to the abovementioned sites and access the article spaces between listed posts, and you will see how prevalent this censorship is. One of the measures that would help clean IMC up is to stop allowing anonymous posts and require that the posters be the authors...."

This article probably resulted in NYC IMC cleaning up their act, for I have had little trouble getting my articles posted since then. One has to understand that if an article is removed from the listings, then it is probable that interlopers can track and target those who do access them; thus I suspect that a lot of the employees of WTC were aware and making known the content of my unlisted articles in NYC. Those who accessed these articles were probably also being ushered into the WTC because of the planned destruction of the towers. As I made clear in "Bogus Blue Moons..", these towers had to be the flimsiest structures to ever reach such heights. Even though Fazlur Khan designed the Sears Tower and Minuro Yamasaki designed the WTC, it is probable that Sears Tower is probably experiencing the same problems as WTC with design faults. The thousands of alleged FBI agents who were combing the site of the WTC after the disaster were probably Storm Troopers looking for notices that addressed the structural deficiencies of the WTC. Apparently employees were restricted from bringing any significant weight into the WTC, especially to the upper floors. Those towers were surely due to be condemned; and it is about time that people addressed this issure. In light of the evil of Bush Daddy's Tribe always continuing to engender more evil, you can be sure that they have something akin to the WTC disaster planned for Chicago.

This use of my articles to trap and target people is probably the fulfillment of Jeremiah 23:29-30 with each person stealing my words away from their neighbors. At times it has been so bad that it was like there was a famine for the word from coast to coast (Amos 8:11-12). These interlopers are very ignorant people who believe it when someone tells them that they are not doing this for Bush Daddy (Jer. 27:9); the uncrowned king of Babylon (Is. 14:4-22), soon to be the Great Dead King of Israel (Hosea 10:3,15). All of these interlopers have made a covenant with death (Is. 28:15); and they will continue to uphold Bush Daddy's revolt of Jacob (Mic. 1:5) even after the Great Dead King appears.

Even though people may be tracking those who are interfering with my posts at various sites in the Midwest, it may not be enough to prevent them from staging another disaster, calling it a war, and trying to portray Bush Daddy's kid as an even bigger war hero. Last night Bush Daddy tried to make it look like the Chicago Police were moving on the interlopers on the computer, and they were going to place all the Storm Troopers in the Sears Tower; but you can be sure that they would do no such thing. Once an article is posted, it becomes public property, and these IMC volunteers have to explain why they are removing them. I doubt if they have the jurisdiction to say that something can be removed because a group of schmucks agree on it. This is happening to an extreme in the Midwest with people like "ML" of Urbana-Champaign and "D. Hill" of Ohio Valley continually trying to convince people that my writing is not worthy of being posted. Although Ohio Valley is probably the best IMC that there is, I have not been able to access it for over a week now. If you can get through, please post "Bogus Blue Moons of Bush Daddy's Tribe" Id=87001 and this article there. Since this unexplained censorship is also happening in Urbana Champaign, Hamilton, Atlanta and Richmond, it is probable that those areas are also being targetted. Broadcast these articles or at least the crux of the content. These interlopers cannot turn back from their wickedness, so it is time to just broadcast their names. If their names cannot be obtained, just their pseudonyms or the computer station that they are working from. I suspect that a lot of this interference originates in the Ithaca area; thus it may be a matter of charging them with interfering with international communications. Everything on IMC is international communication. Whether they are planning disasters, or using Anthrax, asbestoes or chemicals against people; it will certainly be appreciated if you do your part to expose these devils and stop their games (Eph. 5:11). Oppose the devil, and he will flee (James 4:7). Just learned that JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association?) has been publishing new information about research on inhalation Anthrax. Rather than investigating whether or not the toxicity of the spores is the whole issue, they are claiming that a cocktail of antibiotics is the solution. Sounds like their solution to the AIDS epidemic. Try to get them to explain how an antibiotic can deal with a toxic bacteria. If you can't, at least save Chicago, the steaks have been good! Hasta luego, adios.

Referenced articles (six digits) are on www.indymedia.org.. To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messsenger

homepage: homepage: http://notavailable
phone: phone: na
address: address: 402 North Geneva St. #4 Ithaca NY 14851

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I am weary of you, man.
You are not the center of the universe, the world, or ever your neighborhood. Seek help and stop posting your tediousness.