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Staples Day of Action

Today, nine actions against Staples' unsustainable practices occured in Portland. These were in solidarity with over 200 other actions nationwide.
Today at the Tigard Staples, protestors endeavored to bring attention to the Staples Corporation's continued support of unsustainable and unpopular logging practices. The demonstrators presented demands that Staples phase out all virgin-wood products from their shelves,and that they phase out all products made from old growth wood and wood from national forests. The crowd was lively, although wet. There was drumming, anti-Staples cheers, and a skit.
The cops were there before the majority of the crowd showed up, and promptly ordered everyone out of the mall's property, threatening the arrest of approximately 40 people. The police also shot a lot of video of everyone and took many pictures.
The action was aimed primarily at consumers, as Staples' main argument against recycled paper is that it is not economical. Supplementary to this effort to raise demand for recycled goods before all our old growth and public forests are destroyed, the other Staples' locations in Portland were subject to extensive stickering and guerilla theater.